Pavel Filip about Ion Chicu’s party: They fear we will ensure pro-European majority in next Parliament

The leader of the Democratic Party Pavel Filip said a real destruction campaign was launched against the PDM with the aim of preventing the party from entering the future legislature. According to him, there are political forces that fear the PDM will be the party that will ensure a pro-European majority in the future Parliament. Pavel Filip considers the party of ex-Premier Chicu was founded not to ensure an authentic political struggle, but to thwart the plans of other parties, IPN reports.

Pavel Filip is skeptical that the new party created by Ion Chicu will be able to attract pro-European, center-right voters from the PDM.

“I don’t think this party will be tempted to attract voters from the PDM. On the other hand, I must admit that the PDM is subject to attacks from all directions and this shows fact that the PDM could hamper the games of particular political players in the next Parliament. That’s why they attack the PDM. They go with financial offers to people in districts and aim to destroy the PDM’s local organizations. The epopee with the buying of MPs is known. They made similar attempts at district level, in relation to councilors, mayors,” Pavel Filip stated in the program “Emphasis on Today” on TVR Moldova channel. 

He noted that huge efforts are being made to prevent the PDM from entering the next legislature, including by creating such parties as that of ex-Premier Chicu, which would disperse the pro-European voters.

“When we enter Parliament, we will ensure a pro-European majority and will put into practice the provisions of the Association Agreement and all the promises we made. The newly-founded parties are not designed for an authentic political struggle. They aim to hamper someone or to help someone else. I do not have evidence that Igor Dodon is behind this party, but I’m collecting information and I will made the proof public when I have them,” stated Pavel Filip.

The leader of the PDM Pavel Filip also said that the snap parliamentary elections are inevitable, even if the PSRM refuses to recognize the Constructional Court’s decision concerning the circumstances that justify the dissolution of Parliament. Moreover, August is the most suitable month for holding elections. 

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