Parliament urged to vote nominally for new Government

Political analysts and commentators and representatives of civil society called on Parliament to vote nominally for the new Government on May 30. According to them, the legislative body is obliged to take a minimum set of actions aimed at taking the country out of the crisis, IPN reports.

Public Policy Institute executive director Arcadie Barbarosie told a news conference that the loss of the partnership with the European Union will mean the failure of the Moldovan political class, regardless of the pseudo-arguments invoked by them and the attempts to justify their acts before the voters and foreign partners.

Oazu Nantoi, program director at the Public Policy Institute, said the possible early elections will be very painful for Moldovan society and Moldova will definitely lose the opportunities related to the Vilnius Eastern Partnership Summit of this November. In order to ensure governance stability, a clause on constructive censure motion should be included in the Constitution. The legislation should be also modified so as to create the legal framework needed to reform the Prosecutor General’s Office and free it from political influence.

National expert in gender, communication and electoral strategies Olga Nicolenco said the political class should have made the negotiations on the formation of the new executive public, as they promised earlier. Civil society representatives haven’t been at least invited to take part in some of the discussions. The non-transparent negotiations will lead to Moldova’s deviation from the European integration course. The maintenance of this irresponsible behavior will deprive the political leaders of any moral right to appear before the voters, especially in the possible early elections.

Viorel Cibotaru, director of the European Institute for Political Studies, said that time is limited and the desired quality of the political activity cannot be obtained. Civil society should demand a program focusing on the people as the authorities deviated from the agenda announced earlier.

Igor Botan, executive director of the Association for Participatory Democracy “Adept”, said that Iurie Leanca was one of the architects who opened the EU’s doors for Moldova and he is now in the situation to fight for what he worked. He expressed his skepticism about the chances of investing the new Government, but voiced hope that Prime Minister designate Iurie Leanca will have the chance to save Moldova from the present political impasse.

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