OTP Group in 2020 – Digital solutions, leadership and efficiency

In the leader board of the financial institutions for 2020 year, the OTP Group distinguishes by a series of important awards in the business affairs. The new reality, which came together with 2020 year led to the fact that the OTP Group bank members deserved twice their distinctions and Mobiasbanca – OTP Group is among them.

Global Finance Awards qualified OTP Bank in Hungary as the Best Bank 2020 – for the clients’ centric approach and the migration to the last generation solutions.

Best Foreign Exchange Providers 2020 was won by the OTP Bank Hungary for the sixteenth consecutive   year, the Best Consumer Digital Bank Award 2020 – for its digital strategy and the efficiency of the mobile platform and The Safest Bank Award 2020 – as a consequence of a long term assessment of Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch currency rating.

Continuing progressing in banking, OTP LAB – the Bank's innovation hub won Best Financial Innovation Labs 2020, for the second consecutive year and the Corporate Startup Stars 2020, in the category Open Innovation Challengers, granted by the International Chamber of Commerce and the Mind the Bridge adviser for innovation.

Global Finance appreciated the OTP Bank of Croatia with a special award – Outstanding Crisis Leadership 2020, after it both, coped with a pandemic crisis and a devastating earthquake in 2020.

The award Best Private Bank 2020 - was won by the OTP Group in Hungary and Montenegro.

The OTP Group subsidiaries of Albania, Hungary and Montenegro won the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2020, for the high-level service, innovation and expertise that benefited clients.

The Banker magazine, part of the Financial Times Group, granted the Bank of the Year 2020 Award to the subsidiaries of the OTP Group of Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovenia on their markets. 

OTP Bank of Ukraine won several distinctions within the 50 leading banks of Ukraine Award 2020, including Premium Bank, Best Top Manager, Best Corporate Banker, Best Operating Director and number one in the Leasing category.

Mobiasbanca – OTP Group implements the banking approach of the Group’s subsidiaries from the international markets to the local market. In 2020, the Bank was designated the Taxpayer with a high degree of credibility by the State Tax Service. This award validates the contribution of the bank to the reconstruction of the confidence in the banking sector and to the promotion of a wealthy business environment in the country.

Mobiasbanca – OTP Group is a systemic bank on the market of Moldova with more than 30 years of experience offering a complete range of services to about 8.000 companies and 170.000 individuals trough 53 branches in all country. Being awarded with important distinctions both, on the national and international market, the bank relies on the principles of transparency and professionalism, implementing in its activity the expertise and the know-how of the OTP Group it makes part of.  


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