Nicu Popescu: Moldova benefits from foreign assistance and contributes outside

The Republic of Moldova is primarily a recipient of foreign assistance, of foreign diplomatic, economic and financial support. This helped the Republic of Moldova avoid a number of crises or at least to alleviate the effects of particular crises during the three decades of existence. “The Republic of Moldova benefits from a lot of openness on the part of the foreign partners that are situated close geographically or not so close,” Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, stated in a news conference. According to him, it is important to think how we can make a contribution to what is happening in other countries, to consider Moldova’s role in the region and the world.

“At the current stage, in virtue of our reduced prosperity, of the fact that we are not a very large country with many resources, we do not have large capacities to offer major assistance or to play a positive geopolitical role at regional and global levels. We are a relatively small country with limited resources. At the same time, I want to say that for us, as society, it is very important not to consider ourselves exclusively consumers of benefits, offers, assistance, financing and vaccine,” noted Nicu Popescu.

The minister said Moldova’s contribution outside its borders is appreciated by the foreign partners. Moldova made effort to help deal with regional emergencies and detached firefighting teams to Turkey and Greece, a Moldovan medical team to Romania, taking also part in peacekeeping operations. “By these very small steps that are often symbolic, we show that we, as a country, despite our limited resources, we can contribute to global or regional stabilization,” stated the official.

Nicu Popescu noted that most of the states of the world are rather small, but if these states make common effort, they can together contribute to regional or global emergencies. “Obviously, climate change is another area to which we make a modest contribution. But if the large countries do not do this too, we will evidently live on a dirty planet that is in danger.”

The main effort is yet made to keep Moldova outside the negative developments in the region. “With almost all my interlocutors during visits abroad, I speak about this approach by which we endeavor to stabilize the situation, to modernize the country and to minimize the crises around our country and this approach enjoys support,” noted Nicu Popescu.

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