New COVID-19 restrictions expected in Moldova

About 15% of Moldova’s population has been vaccinated with both of the doses. Also, only 30% of the education system employees got a vaccine. The collective vaccination rate of 70% that was projected to be reached in November cannot be attained, IPN quoted Svetlana Nicolăescu, secretary of state at the Ministry of Health, as saying in a news conference.

She noted that the vaccination rate is the highest among older persons, while among young people it is the lowest. The lowest immunization rate among the population is in Gagauzia, of less than 10%, while the highest is in the municipality of Chisinau – 23%.

Svetlana Nicolăescu warned that 99% of the patients with COVID-19 who are now in intensive care units haven’t been vaccinated. The Ministry of Health’s data show 65 of the 313 persons with COVID-19 who are now in hospitals are in a very serious state and 11 of these were put on a ventilator.

Last week, the number of new cases of COVID-19 and of associated deaths was higher than a week before. Some of the settlements were put on red alert for COVID-19.

An orange alert was issued in Moldova last week and this means that new protection measures are to be imposed. The National Extraordinary Public Health Commission will have a meeting soon to consider introducing new restrictions, noted Svetlana Nicolăescu.

Epidemiologist Veaceslav Guțu, coordinator of the national COVID-19 immunization campaign, said only 0.08% of the vaccinated persons got COVID-19 and 90% of these persons had gotten by one dose of vaccine by then.

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