MPs cannot yet reach consensus after two months of political crisis

The MPs in Chisinau are yet far from achieving consensus on how the political stalemate can be broken. The Socialists and the MPs of For Moldova insist on candidate for Prime Minister Mariana Durleșteanu and demand that the President should obey the law and should nominate the candidate who is supported by the parliamentary majority. At the same time, the representatives of the PAS intend to do their utmost for snap parliamentary elections to be triggered, while the MPs of the PPPDA consider the current pandemic and economic crisis necessitates the voting in of a pro-European Government that would deal with the people’s problems, IPN reports.

The MPs of the PSRM and of the For Moldova Platform accuse President Maia Sandu of defying the Constitution and of ignoring the legislative body, which is the supreme state institution.

“We continue to insist on candidate for Prime Minister Mariana Durleșteanu. We expect President Sandu will obey the supreme law, the rule of law principles, will implement the Constitutional Court judgment and will start consultations with the MPs,” For Moldova MP Sergiu Sîrbu stated in the talk show “Ghețu Asks” on TV8 channel.

“It is not right to say that Maia Sandu is in conflict with Parliament as Maia Sandu is in conflict with the law and with the Constitution and the Constitutional Court stated this clearly. Ultimately, Sandu will be obliged to obey the law and to designate the candidate of the parliamentary majority. We consider that after discussions with the other parliamentary groups, 70 votes in favor of candidate Mariana Durleșteanu could be secured,” said Socialist MP Alexandru Nesterovschi.

For their part, the PAS MPs make reference to the wishes of the people who want the political class in Chisinau to be changed as a result of an electoral exercise, according to them.

“Until now they all shouted that they want snap elections, but now suddenly remembered that the country is in a crisis. All polls show that the people are dissatisfied with the political class, with Parliament. As long as the current Parliament exists, solutions cannot be identified. This Parliament is not productive. A dialogue can be held only to agree the dissolution of Parliament and the date of snap elections,” said PAS MP Virgiliu Pâslariuc.

Representatives of the PPPDA said the party interests should not be above the country’s interests that dictate the investing of a pro-European Government with full powers.

“We can work as firefighters to deal with all the problems. Alexandru Slusari will cope with the problem of Moldova’s Railways, while Igor Munteanu with the problems of the business community,” said PPPDA MP Dinu Plîngău.

President Maia Sandu said that after March 23 the Constitutional Court could ascertain the circumstances needed for dissolving Parliament. According to an earlier CC judgment, the inability to invest a Government during three months can serve as a reason for dissolving the legislative body.

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