MPs and security experts discuss probability of war

MPs of the opposition and of the government are skeptical about the start of a classical war in the region in the context of the tense situation between Russia and NATO. The MPs are yet almost sure that the power of dialogue and diplomacy will prevail over the military force, while security experts say the probability of a war close to the Republic of Moldova is rather high, IPN reports.

The MPs of the government consider the probability of a war is reduced and we are now witnessing a competition of strength between the world powers that want to gain supremacy.

“I don’t think there will be a war. The path of democracy is the only weapon of the Republic of Moldova. From geopolitical viewpoint, two great powers struggle fort the delimitation of the spheres of influence. On the one side, we have the United States that pleads for each sovereign state’s right to choose to form part of a military bloc. On the other hand, we see the Russian Federation that tries to keep the so-called sphere of influence of the Soviet period,” PAS MP Lilian Carp stated in the program “Good Evening” on the public TV channel.

For their part, representatives of the parliamentary opposition said the Republic of Moldova should not take sides with any international player in the context of the current crisis and should demand that the great powers obey its status of neutrality and non-involvement in external conflicts.

“I think no one wants a war as peace is better than a good war. The Republic of Moldova’s diplomacy can be that intermediary that will tell our neighbors that we are a neutral state and, if someone wants military crises, we should not be engaged. The politicians now try to use the people’s fear for distracting attention from the economic problems everyone faces inside the family. They try to find an external enemy. I hope we will manage not to become involved in the disputes of the great powers because they are able to solve their problems themselves and we should take care of our citizens,” said BCS MP Adrian Lebedinschi.

Regional security experts noted that even if they want to be pacifists, the current geopolitical context shows that the dissentions between the two superpowers can anytime turn into a military conflict.

“As long as there are military forces and there is the interest of some of the states to extend their territory, including with the use of the armed forces, and the interest of other states to defend and get back the lost territories, the imminence of a war remains rather high. As regards the Republic of Moldova, we are neither the subject, not the object of this conflict, but are involved in these geopolitical events because the Republic of Moldova cannot claim the right to territorial integrity and the withdrawal of the Russian troops from the country’s territory remains a priority therefore,” said security expert Viorel Cibotaru.

Recently, representatives of the extraparliamentary opposition asked the government of Moldova to summon Russia’s Ambassador in Chisinau Oleg Vasnetsov to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide explanations over the military exercises performed in the Transnistrian region by the Operational Group of Russian Forces. According to the Russian press, the exercises were staged with the aim of testing “the preparedness for war”.

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