Marina Tauber: Shor Party always pleaded for balanced foreign policy

The Shore Party has always pleaded for a balanced foreign policy and for military neutrality. The party not only spoke about these notions from its program, but took concrete steps in this regard. It promoted a balanced foreign policy, primarily in the interests of the people, in the local public administrations for which it bears responsibility, MP of the party Marina Tauber stated in the public debate “Balanced foreign policy: capacities, advantages, risks” that was staged by IPN News Agency and Radio Moldova.

According to her, the policy pursued so far by the central authorities cannot be considered balanced or equidistant and there has always been a priority course, depending on the interests of the ruling party.

“Speaking about what is going on in the current Government, I don’t think we can comment a lot as the executive was invested recently. We will see during the next period already what this political class can do. It is important for the national interests not to be only political interests as some of the parties speak about a balanced policy, but we know who they depend on. Some forget yet about the people’s interests. Regrettably, the sonorous names of foreign rulers or political leaders are much more important for these parties than our people. We continue to insist that Moldova belongs to the people and we should find the beneficial path for improving the living conditions of our people,” stated Marina Tauber.

She added it’s good that Moldova achieves results at the foreign policy level, but the elected officials should not forget that each government is invested and the MPs are elected to serve the people.

According to Marina Tauber, the Shor Party has always supported the “pro-Moldova and pro-Moldovans” course. This position has been promoted by the party’s leader Ilan Shor since 2015, when he started to plead for Orhei and the people from Orhei. Moldova should be grateful to the East and the foreign partners for the assistance provided to it, but the country should be independent and should not permanently “beg”.

The MP said the Shor Party proved in Orhei town and in Jora de Mijloc village that it can increase the budget without assistance from outside and can do the same at national level through legislative initiatives, but these are not yet supported by the other MPs. The party will continue to make effort to implement its program, mainly in such areas as social projects, the fight against corruption and the stimulation of the people who left to return home.

In another development, Marina Tauber said the people will be made to repay the money if Moldova takes out loans from the EU or Russia. The Governments change, but the debts remain the Moldovan people’s burden. The European partners should more attentively monitor the use of the funds they provide. If the foreign partners want the country to further develop, they should not impose the geopolitical course as they try to do now.

The debate titled “Balanced foreign policy: capacities, advantages, risks” was the 122nd installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the German foundation Hanns Seidel.

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