Marina Tauber: My exclusion is a direct order of Maia Sandu

Marina Tauber said the Central Election Commission’s decision to ask the court to exclude her from the electoral race was taken by order of President Maia Sandu, who transmitted her instruction directly to CEC vice president Pavel Postica. Tauber invited her supporters to protest, saying that this way she will defend her constitutional right to run in elections, IPN reports.

The Șor Party’s candidate Marina Tauber said there is no conclusive evidence in favor of her exclusion from the race. The government got scared of her victory in the largest city of the country after the municipality of Chisinau.

“The CEC took the decision at the direct instruction of Maia Sandu, which was transmitted to Pavel Postica. We have relevant proofs. We told Mister Postica that we will make the evidence public when we consider it is opportune. We know that he (Pavel Postica, e.n.) convoked the CEC members and asked that Marina Tauber should be excluded from the race. We filed a complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office against Pavel Postica, Sergiu Gurduza and Sergiu Munteanu, the commissioner of Bălți, for abuse of power,” Marina Tauber stated in the talk show “The Fourth Estate” on the public TV channel N4.

The Bălți Court is to examine the CEC’s decision and its request to remove Tauber from the competition today. The candidate said she will defend her victory and called on all her sympathizers to join in the protest that will be mounted in front of the Bălți Court.

“They lost influence and realize that they cannot win the elections at the local level. After winning a majority in summer, their popular approval rating declines dally,” stated Marina Tauber.

Two days ago, the Central Election Commission requested the Bălți Court to annul the registration of electoral contender Marina Tauber, who was put forward for the mayoralty of Bălți by Șor Party. The Commission determined that the candidate used undeclared financial and nonfinancial resources of at least 34,260 lei in the snap mayoral elections in the municipality of Bălți, exceeding the cap set by CEC by at least 9,514 lei. CEC explained that the candidates for mayor of the municipality of Bălți were warned about similar violations earlier.  

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