Marina Tauber invites people to protest

The Șor Party’s candidate for mayor of the municipality of Bălți Marina Tauber said she will go to court after the Central Election Commission requested the Bălți Court to annul her registration as a candidate for mayor. Tauber urged the residents of Bălți and not only to support her, including by taking to the streets, IPN reports.

In a press briefing, Marina Tauber said that she will not leave things as they are. “First of all, we will go to court. We are sure that the judges are professional enough to take a correct decision and put things right,” stated Marina Tauber.

“We must show will and should not allow anyone to encroach on it. If need be, we will protest to defend our rights, our will, the conditions in which we want to live and the future we want to build.”

Marina Tauber said the CEC’s decision is a crime against the inhabitants of Bălți, against a better life, against what the improvements the people want to enjoy. Moldova inclines to dictatorship. The PAS government captured the state and subjugates all the democratic institutions. Subjugating all the institutions and causing fear in society are the only preoccupations of Maia Sandu and PAS.

Șor Party MP Denis Ulanov said that all the European directives concerning free elections were violated. They are waiting for the foreign partners’ reaction to what happened yesterday.

After a meeting that lasted for over four years on Decembers 1, the Central Election Commission requested the Bălți Court to annul the registration of electoral contender Marina Tauber, who was put forward for the mayoralty of Bălți by Șor Party. The Commission determined that the candidate used undeclared financial and nonfinancial resources of at least 34,260 lei in the snap mayoral elections in the municipality of Bălți, exceeding the cap set by CEC by at least 9,514 lei.

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