Marina Tauber: I’m not afraid of being stripped of immunity

Șor Party MP Marina Tauber said that she is not afraid of being stripped of parliamentary immunity. After the acting prosecutor general’s request to lift her immunity was presented in Parliament, she noted she was earlier stripped of immunity and in a year prosecutor general Alexandr Stoianoglo came and said that it was a political situation, IPN reports.

“It’s clear that gasoline grows more expensive and there are many problems in the country with which you, dear or not very dear government, cannot cope. As long as Ilan Șor, the president of Șor Party, and I, as the party’s vice president and as a Member of Parliament, are very vocal and speak a lot about the crisis into which you plunged our country, you will not have another solution than to shut us up by the coming of acting prosecutor general Robu,” stated Marina Tauber.

“We realize that you now apply this political cudgel, but we will not stop anyway. I’m not afraid of being stripped of immunity. I do not have what to hide. I live honestly and can answer for everything, but I want to reiterate our position – Mister Robu is used in your political interests.”

In the May 19 siting of Parliament, there were presented four applications by which the acting prosecutor general requested to allow lifting the parliamentary immunity of Șor Party MPs Ilan Șor and Marina Tauber so as to detain, arrest, search and bring the persons to justice. Marina Tauber is featured in two of the applications, while Ilan Șor in another two applications. These invoke the Penal Code articles “money laundering” and “swindle”.

In September 2019, Marina Tauber was stripped of parliamentary immunity, being blamed for active participation in the robbing of the banking system by offering assistance in the takeover of a bank by the group of Ilan Șor. As a result, the MP was arrested together with her mate Reghina Apostolova. Later, Alexandru Stoianoglo said the case against the MPs was started illegally and the two were charged illegally as they didn’t have any involvement in the bank fraud.

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