Maia Sandu before MPs: Order should start from Parliament

President Maia Sandu said she is glad to return, seven months after her investiture, to a new and legitimate Parliament that will have an honest and reformist majority and that replaces a legislate body that exhibited what’s most corrupt and immoral in Moldovan politics. Now, almost 30 years of the declaring of the country’s independence, after so many failures, it’s time to build a state for the people, not for gangs that subjugated the state to the own interests. A Government will be voted in soon and this, together with Parliament, should find urgent solutions to a multitude of problems caused by the irresponsibility and corruption of the previous governments, IPN reports.

“I congratulate the citizens of the Republic of Moldova on their vote as they continued to believe in democracy and in everyone’s power to improve things in the country, despite the disappointment experienced during three decades, caused by lies, stolen elections, corruption and bad governance. I congratulate the citizens on their wisdom to believe in the existence of honest people, despite manipulations and omnipresent corruption. They believed and voted. It is now our duty to meet their expectations,” Maia Sandu said in the Parliament constitution sitting.

She noted that the citizens should keep in touch with their MPs and should make these account for what they do. Order starts from Parliament and the change awaited by the people begins from here.

The official noted the laws adopted by Parliament should be good for honest people. The legislative body should obey the law and should prevent the thieves from stealing. It should work transparently and be open to a dialogue with society.

According to President Sandu, there are major challenges in front as the country has experienced the pandemic and an economic crisis and has faced poverty and migration for several decades. “The young people live, while the older people cope with difficulty. To solve these problems, we must all make enormous efforts to bring things in order, by better managing the resources we have and by generating new resources by making investments and creating jobs. The situation is difficulty, but we can improve things if we act efficiently,” stated Maiei Sandu.

She noted that together with the constitution of Parliament, she declares zero tolerance of any kind of corruption. The integrity of the institution managers should be determined the first. Parliament plays an important role because it must adopt clear laws for preventing and fighting corruption.

Three political entities entered the new Parliament after the July 11 snap parliamentary elections, namely the Party of Action and Solidarity with 63 seats; the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists with 32 seats, and the Shor Party with six seats.

The first sitting of the new legislative body involves 91 of the 101 elected MPs.

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