Maia Sandu about eventuality of a war: Citizens should be on alert, but not in panic

Given the tense situation in the region, President Maia Sandu urges the citizens to be on alert, but not to get into a panic. She said the Republic of Moldova is a peaceful country and does not want to become involved in external conflicts, while the withdrawal of the Russian troops from the Transnistrian region becomes more sensitive in the context of the current dissentions between Russia and NATO, IPN reports.

President Sandu said the increasing tension at the Russia-Ukrainian borer generates concern in Chisinau. The forces are on alert, but the hope is reason and dialogue will prevail in the discussions between Russia and NATO and a potential military conflict will be avoided.

“It is not a secret that the Republic of Moldova is very vulnerable and, evidently, the consequences would be difficult for the country. Given the resources we have, we make effort to prepare, to design action plans so that we have coordinated activities, both inside and outside the country, and in an emergency caused by an external crisis, we could use our institutions that should mobilize. We are now working on this so as to make sure that everyone knows what they need to do. There is also the possibility of receiving foreign assistance,” Maia Sandu stated in the talk show “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

President Sandu said that in the eventuality of a war, the European Union, the development partners of the Republic of Moldova are ready to help us cope with a military crisis, as in times of peace.

“I didn’t discuss with the President of Ukraine. I discussed with the European Union, first of all. I would like the citizens to be on the alert, but not in panic as I continue to believe that a diplomatic solution can be reached. We must inform ourselves from credible sources because disinformation and manipulation are a very big risk. We are a peaceful country and want the right to peace to be respected. We do not pose any threat to other countries. We need calmness and peace,” stated Maia Sandu.

Two days ago, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg requested Russia to withdraw the Russian troops from the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia. Maia Sandu said the Moldovan authorities have the same message in the dialogue with Russia.

“We have enjoyed the support of the development partners as regards the withdrawal of the Russian troops from the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Regrettably, this foreign support didn’t materialize. Now things are even more difficult. We will continue insisting on the pullout of the Russian troops from the Republic of Moldova. This is an important subject on the agenda with the Russian Federation,” said the official

Recently, the Operational Group of Russian Forces from Transnistria, which was illegally deployed on Moldova’s territory, staged military exercises on the left side of the Nistru. According to the Russian press, the exercises were aimed at testing “the preparedness for war”.

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