Litvinenco in Parliament: We do not want to lay basis for fair justice on rotten remains

Minister of Justice Sergiu Litvinenco stated in Parliament, where the simple motion against him is being debated, that he is blamed for not managing to do the justice sector reform during the two months since he took up his duties. Responding to these accusations, the minister said he does not want to lay the basis for fair justice on the rotten remains of the corrupt system left by the previous government. As to the motion proposed by the Bloc of Communists and Socialists, he said this is an amalgam of falsehoods, IPN reports.

“Yes, it is impossible to build the rule of law during two months, but it wasn’t impossible during two months to panic you and to cause hysteria among you, to make you ask for the indulgence of the people of this country that you robbed and humiliated. Dear MPs, the judiciary does not serve the power, but defends those who seek justice and even those who are in power should be brought to justice,” stated Sergiu Litvinenco.

Accusing the opposition of contributing to maintaining a rotten justice system, the minister said this is a system good for defending thieves. “After you removed the Government of Maia Sandu because you got scared of a really independent prosecutor general, you took over the justice system, bringing it under political control, as it happened under the rule of Plahotniuc. You named an obedient prosecutor who didn’t have the courage to ask you about the things you did at least once.”

Sergiu Litvinenco said the authors of the motion dare to accuse him of not submitting legislative proposals to Parliament. But about ten bills deriving from the Government’s action plan and the justice sector reform strategy are in the pipeline. These new laws refer to political and electoral corruption, to disciplinary punishment for prosecutors and judges.

The simple motion put forward by the BSC MPs says the minister of justice politically subjugated the judiciary and tries to gain control over the Prosecutor General’s Office. Moreover, the opposition accuses Litvinenco of orchestrating the developments related to the case of Stoianoglo.
The October 21 sitting of Parliament is attended by a delegation of the committees on foreign policy and the committees on European affairs of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of Romania. The delegation consists of committee chairs and members and will be in Chisinau on a working visit during October 21-23, 2021.

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