Legal action taken over bomb hoaxes

Criminal cases were started over the July 5 bomb hoaxes. Also, the prosecutors sent to court the criminal case over the bomb hoaxes reported in southern Moldova in January, IPN reports.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Special Cases, the emails about the planting of explosive devices at a number of institutions in the country were sent from one electronic address to a number of government emails.

The relevant precaution protocols were applied and significant state budget costs were incurred as a result. The culprits face a fine of at most 42,500 lei or 180 to 240 hours of community service or a maximum jail term of two years for intentional misleading about an act of terrorism.

The criminal case sent to court was started against a teenager who made seven false notifications, informing about the mining of a cemetery and of educational institutions in Ceadâr-Lunga, Comrat and Vulcănești. He sent the warnings through email so as to hide his identity and aimed to disrupt the schedule of state institutions.

Besides, there was filed a civil lawsuit for recovering the about 60,000 lei spent on the mandatory actions taken by the specialized services.

More than 50 bomb scares were announced in Moldova on Tuesday and all of them turned out to be hoaxes. They referred to public institutions situated in Chisinau and in almost all the country’s districts. Among the targets of bomb hoaxes were the Parliament Building, the Government Building, courts of law, shopping centers, hospitals, subdivisions of the Public Services Agency and the Chisinau International Airport.

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