Leanca Government aims to polish image of political leaders, opinion

The Leanca Government that was voted in by Parliament on May 30 is rather a transition one, which aims to polish the image of the party leaders who signed the agreement on the formation of the Coalition for Pro-European Government, as new general elections are coming, university lecturer Victor Juc, vice director of the Juridical and Political Researches Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, stated for IPN.

“The constitution of the parliamentary majority was anticipated as both the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party cannot afford entering early elections now.  They would have been unable to explain why they didn’t manage to elect the Premier. The seats were distributed now. They no longer discussed principles and values. They voted for everything in a package. The PDM wanted guarantees and asked that the Speaker be voted in first,” said Victor Juc.

He also said that most of the unaffiliated MPs who voted for the new Government did it in order to prolong their stay in Parliament. “For example, the group of Misin does not have many chances to enter the new legislature. The group of Hadarca will have the same fate if they are not taken under the shield of the PLDM,” stated the university lecturer.

According to him, the criminal cases started against government officials over corruption will be closed. Only some of them will be sent to court, like that of the former head of the State Main Tax Inspectorate Nicolae Vicol.

As to the way in which the negotiations on the creation of the parliamentary majority were held, Victor Juc said he nervier believed the politicians when they said that the process will be transparent. “The negotiations lasted long and were marked by distrust,” he said, adding that if there was confidence between the MPs they wouldn’t have folded the ballots in order to prove that they voted for Igor Corman as Speaker.

The Leanca Government received a vote of confidence from 58 MPs on May 30. On May 31, the Cabinet will be sworn in.

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