Lawyer: MPs and inspectors acted abusively when they blocked activity of Micăuți Quarry

Lawyer Andrei Iosip said that on April 12 MP Alexandru Slusari trespassed on the territory of SA Cariera Micăuți (Micăuți Quarry) and abusively blocked the entity’s activity. According to him, such acts took place in the absence of justificatory documents by which the Micăuți Quarry would be obliged to stop the extraction works or the works to process the earlier extracted products. Moreover, at the insistence and on the instructions of Slusari and MP Lilian Carp, the inspectors of the Inspectorate for Environmental Protection as a restrictive measure sealed up the excavators parked on the quarry’s territory as property belonging to the inspected person, without identifying the lawful owner of these.

In a news conference at IPN, Andrei Iosip said the recent developments are a follow-up to the raider attack that reveals evident interest and influence on the part of politicians in this process. “Analyzing the actions of some of the MPs, we ascertained that the commission of inquiry into the method of exploiting useful mineral resources is a platform paganized by some of the MPs to influence the activity of state authorities, courts of law so that the Micăuți Quarry stopped work and, if necessary, to go directly to the quarry and stop its activity, as it happened yesterday, with those events being broadcast live with such pomposity,” stated the lawyer.

According to him, the excavators on the quarry’s territory are not owned by the quarry and could not be sealed up. “This way, the actions of inspectors are abusive as these do not have such powers. Evidently, we know that these actions were taken on the instructions of Mister Slusari, who in the April 6 meeting of the commission of inquiry threatened the environmental inspectors, making them stop the quarry’s activity by any means,” said the lawyer. He noted the presence of inspectors of the Inspectorate for Environmental Protection at SA Cariera Micăuți was illegal as the inspection was carried out in the absence of the valid control delegation. There was indicated the control delegation of August 15, 2020, whose period of validity set by law is of five days.

“Both the MPs and the inspectors acted abusively and exceeded their authority on April 12, when they blocked the quarry’s activity and sealed up the excavators. This procedure is not stipulated by law and is not within the remit of environmental inspectors, the last acting by the order and at the exclusive insistence of Mister Slusari and Mister Carp. I would like to note that Mister Slusari, on Facebook Live on April 12, made it clear what the real interest in the Micăuți Quarry is by noting that a lot of millions are made there. It is thus evident that another goal of the orchestrated attack on the quarry is to obtain benefits. You must agree with me that it is not within the remit of an MP to evaluate the profit of a business entity,” stated Andrei Iosip.

According to him, Alexandru Slusari on Facebook Live said that the owners of the Micăuți Quarry will be replaced soon. Mister Slusari actually stated the real goals of the commission of inquiry and showed that the politicians act in the interests of persons who aim to illegally take over the Micăuți Quarry. Or it would not be clear where Mister Slusari knows about the replacement of the quarry’s owners from.

The lawyer noted the Micăuți Quarry is subject to an unprecedented attack by politicians with obscure interests that mimic the investigation of the method of exploiting useful mineral resources when the pursued goals are different in fact.

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