Lawyer: Micăuți Quarry works legally

The Micăuți Quarry is subject to an unprecedented attack by politicians with obscure interests who mimic the investigation of the method of exploiting useful mineral resources when the pursued goals are different in fact, said lawyer Andrei Iosip, according to whom the quarry works legally and does not violate the limits imposed by the responsible bodies and by the law.

In a news conference at IPN, Andrei Iosip said SA Cariera Micăuți, which is in the process of insolvency, extracts crude limestone for construction works called Micăuți in accordance with the contract for the use of subsoil sectors for extracting useful minerals dating from March 7, 2012. This contract is valid even if the members of the commission of inquiry insist that this contract should be terminated and they even warned decision makers of the Ministry of Agriculture about this.

“The crude limestone for construction works and the clay for making bricks are extracted based on additional agreement No. 06 of March 12, 2020 to the contract for the use of subsoil sectors for extracting useful minerals No. 83 of March 7, 2012. Following the signing of the additional agreement, the necessity of reevaluating and reassessing the useful minerals appeared in the implementation of the execution project,” explained the lawyer, making reference to a number of documents.

He said that starting with 2021, particular extraction works haven’t been performed as the Agency for Technical Supervision refuses to permit the explosions needed to extract minerals, for the same bureaucratic reasons and possibly with the assistance of the commission of inquiry. In 2021, the Micăuți Quarry didn’t extract any minerals, but processed those extracted in 2020, which were reported and on which the required taxes were paid.

As to the inspections carried out by the Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, Andrei Iosip said these are conducted at the insistence and under the pressure exerted by the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the method exploiting useful mineral resources, but they are illegal and were challenged in court.

“The accusations made by the members of the commission of inquiry, Mister Slusari, Mister Carp and Mister Ciubuc, are unfounded and their actions are abusive and go beyond their authority of MPs and of members of the commission of inquiry. I reiterate that we consider their goal is to stop the activity of the Micăuți Quarry at any cost even if such actions will leave about 130 families without salaries and will affect the revenues collected into the state budget,” noted the lawyer.

He called on the embassies and all the responsible state authorities, particularly the Prosecutor General’s Office, to objectively, partially and equidistantly investigate the mentioned MPs’ actions and to end the abusive actions of these.

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