Lawyer Ilie Rotaru: Prosecutor general should be dismissed or he should resign

Lawyer Ilie Rotaru: Prosecutor general should be dismissed or he should resign

Lawyer Ilie Rotaru said Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo should be dismissed or he should tender his resignation because he was unable to change the prosecution service so that this worked legally.

In a news conference at IPN, Ilie Rotaru said that as the prosecutor general had the courage to drop particular accusations in the case of Platon, most probably on the initiative of prosecutors, not of the court of law, he filed an application to the Prosecutor General’s Office, asking to also drop the accusations in a case featuring him.

The lawyer noted that after reading the Supreme Court of Justice’s judgment in his case, he decided that “the ten pages of mistakes made by prosecutors and judges in the first two courts” will convince the prosecutor general to withdraw the accusations made against him.

According to Ilie Rotaru, the request to drop the charges is based on the Supreme Court of Justice’s judgment of February 8, 2021, in which the prosecutors and judges who examined the case committed a series of violations, including criminal ones. “They fabricated the case, passed illegal decisions and an illegal sentence and can be therefore easily held accountable,” he stated.

The lawyer wondered why the prosecutors dropped the charges against Veaceslav Platon when no one asked to do this. He demanded to compare the situation of Veaceslav Platon and his situation.

He noted that his case that was sent to court was fabricated after four members of the Democratic Party led by him announced their decision to leave the party in November 2010 for the reason that Vlad Plahotniuc joined PDM. All those persons were charged based on an illegal denouncement.

In another development, Ilie Rotaru said he believes the prosecutor general will quit himself without waiting to be fired.

According to him, the Constitution speaks about justice, not yet about the independence of the judiciary. The prosecutors in Moldova should not be empowered to start criminal cases and should supervise only criminal investigations. Only the Ministry of Home Affairs should be able to institute criminal proceedings.

If the prosecutor general does not resign and the prosecutors start to fight against the new Parliament or President, the prosecutors can be simply removed from the investigation of criminal cases as the criminal proceedings are decided by Parliament and this can easily ban the prosecutors from starting criminal cases.

Ilie Rotaru considers the fate of the future Parliament greatly depends on the future minister of justice who will be an ex officio member of the Supreme Council of Prosecutors. The new minister can effortlessly persuade the prosecutor general to tender his resignation. The prosecutor general can also be discharged by the votes of six members of the Supreme Council of Prosecutors.

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