Justice minister says he warned state functionaries not to publish bills

The minister of justice provided explanations after warning those who make public their bills that they can come under the close scrutiny of the National Integrity Authority. Even if the parliamentary opposition perceived the message as a threat to those who express their dissatisfaction with the high prices of energy resources, Sergiu Litvinenco said his message was addressed to state officials, not to the citizens, IPN reports.

The minister justified himself after he was widely criticized for threatening those who post their bills on social media with integrity inspections.

“In that statement, I didn’t refer to the citizens. I realize well the situation through which the citizens of the Republic of Moldova go now that these exorbitant price rises affect us. I understand everyone. My statement referred exclusively to the situation when a public servant who worked for the state all his/her life posts a high gas bill for an area of 200 square meters. When this property with such an area is not indicated in the tax return, I wondered if this functionary with a salary of 10,000 lei who lives in a castle is not afraid that someone will detect this discrepancy,” Sergiu Litvinenco stated in the talk show “The Fourth Estate” on N4 TV channel.

Moreover, the minister said the property of the Moldovan state functionaries who declare modest salaries, but own fabulous property should be confiscated. He noted that he does not refer to his mates from the Party of Action and Solidarity who honestly earned their possessions by working abroad.

“I think the property should be confiscated at a certain moment. We have laws saying that the public functionaries who cannot justify their possessions following particular procedures can have this property confiscated because it was earned while holding a public post, but exceeds the declared incomes,” stated Sergiu Litvinenco.

He noted that his natural gas bill for December is 2,800 lei and he is considering renouncing the state subsidy. According to Moldovagaz, 51 persons submitted applications, informing about their intention to renounce the subsidies provided by the Government for natural gas.

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