Irina Vlah: I do not represent opposition, I’m part of government

The Bashkan of Gagauzia said the relations between the central authorities and the local authorities of the territorial-administrative unit are difficult. Irina Vlah noted she would like to establish a constructive relationship based on dialogue and respect with the Government, but this does not happen for now. The Governor said that all he initiatives are rejected by the Cabinet and this is detrimental to the Republic of Moldova, IPN reports.

Irina Vlah said she is not in opposition to the current government, but wants a dialogue between the Cabinet members, not voting machinery. “I do not represent the opposition. I’m part of the government. I govern a region and I’m a Cabinet member. I cannot be indifferent to what’s going on. I do not criticize my colleagues, but formulate recommendations, present my position and come up with proposals and initiatives and want these to be discussed. I want a dialogue platform to exist,” Irina Vlah stated in the talk show “Friday with Anatolie Golea” on RTR Moldova channel.

The Bashkan commented also on the failed attempts of the deputies of the People’s Assembly to choose the chairperson. According to her, the problem can be overcome by responsibility and by the acknowledgement of the importance of the vote given by the people. Irina Vlah said the intention of some of the local elected officials from Gagauzia to negotiate a separate contract for the supply of gas with the Russia gas company Gazprom is immature as the deputies of the People’s Assembly cannot be negotiators of such a contract.

“I’m against the dissolution of the People’s Assembly. I will be making effort for the deputies to reach a compromise and to choose the administrative bodies. The territorial administrative unit of Gagauzia has a budget and we work based on last year’s budget. All the projects are continued and the people get salaries. The chairperson of the People’s Assembly will be elected. It is a complex, but not impossible process. There is a group of deputies who want to distract public attention from the impossibility of electing the chairperson and to concentrate the attention on the gas issue. But they will grow up. Only Moldovagaz, the President, the Government can be negotiators in this process,” stated Irina Vlah.

Earlier this week, the 14th attempt to elect the chairperson of the People’s Assembly failed. Under the law, the head of the local legislative body is elected by a majority of votes, which is by the votes of 18 of the 35 deputies.

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