IPN Yesterday in brief, for 26 September 2019

"This is the first time that we notice exclusively problems of a socio-economic nature, things related to wages, pensions, jobs, poverty and prices. Hence, the great pressure that the citizens of the Republic of Moldova put on the political factor, on the government, demanding significant changes, ultimately, related to the standards of living. As for the top of the problems, one interesting thing could be noted: I think this is the first time when the roads are not in the top three, we see them somewhere on the eighth-ninth place - 3.7%. Not because the roads issue would be less important, but due to the fact that economic issues related to the daily life of the people, have started to rank first”, said the general manager of Imas, Doru Petruți, at an IPN press conference. The difference between people’s expectations and government’s actions is substantial. People are also quite disappointed with the institutions’ deoligarchization and depoliticization. At the same time, as never before, in the top of citizens’ s concerns are things related to the standards of living and the life style of people. From this point of view, the political class seems to run counter to the people’s expectations. The conclusions can be found in the survey.

In 2016, according to the NBS, there were about 13 thousand Moldovan citizens on the territory of the State of Israel. Nearly 10 thousand were employed as caregivers of the elderly with disabilities or were looking for a job as a caregiver. The government will negotiate with Israel the pilot program for recruiting and hiring Moldovan citizens as caregivers of the elderly with disabilities, while Israel has undertaken not to admit the excessive taxation of these persons, to evaluate the competences of the employees, their qualification, to make proposals for improving the recruitment procedure.

The Court of Appeal maintained the 30-day house arrest measure for MP Marina Tauber, rendered by Chișinău Court, Ciocana headquarters. The information was confirmed for IPN by Cătălina Bogonos, spokesperson for the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office. "The examination by the Court of Appeal of the request concerning the arrest of MP Reghina Apostolova submitted by the prosecutors has been adjourned for October 1, at 1:00 pm", stated Cătălina Bogonos.

According to the Minister of Finance Natalia Gavrilita, three financing agreements for the project of interconnection of electricity networks in the Republic of Moldova with those in Romania have been signed by the Ministry of Finance. Moldova will be able to access financing of 60 million-euro loan and 40 million-euro grant for the modernization of the energy system. The money will be used in particular for the construction of the back-to-back type power station in Vulcanesti and for the construction of an interconnection line between the south of the Republic of Moldova and Chisinau. EU Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova Peter Michalko has specified that this is a project which really needs a technical, political and financial commitment. A project that will bring major benefits for increasing competition on the energy market. "Our goal is to achieve full integration into the European Union's energy network," said Peter Michalko.

"It is salutary that the judges have begun to argue with each other and want changes in the judiciary, but the way in which the judges' meeting was convened for tomorrow reminds us of the odious practices of the last three to four years." "Lack of transparency, guidance from the shadow, court decisions rendered with the speed of light. These coordinated actions seem to have only one purpose - to block the activity of the CSM. I am not alarmed by your intention to change the composition of the CSM, as long as CSM has honest people who support the reforms CSM will be functional. I am worried about the intention of some to block the activity of the CSM and to block the reforms, implicitly,” said Maia Sandu at a press briefing. Prime minister has also said that judicial reforms will continue, regardless of the efforts to impede them. While some judges are in favour of organizing the General Assembly of Judges in order for the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) to "answer questions", but also to terminate from their positions the current CSM members, others say that behind this initiative could be hidden interests and groups of people with different intentions.

As for the Prosecutor's Office, Maia Sandu has said on "Secrets of power" program, Jurnal TV, that a head of the institution with a long-term mandate is needed to set to work. "Any excellent manager knows how to build his team and cleanse the system. We came up with this proposal to amend the law in order to introduce an external evaluation commission, which will evaluate the prosecutors and the judges. We have noticed that not everybody is happy about it, that there are certain moves and menaces to the reforms, specifies the head of the executive. In other news, Maia Sandu says that if the concession contract for Chisinau International Airport is cancelled, the airport fee paid by passengers departing from the airport will also be cancelled.

Two teachers from the Ecology College in Chisinau have been escorted to the CNA for hearings in a criminal case, being suspected of influence traffic. The teachers are suspected of having claimed and received money from students in exchange for favouring them at exams and increasing their marks. As a result of the searches, 16 thousand euros were confiscated. A CNA press release mentions that the transmission of money was recorded by special means, and in the images obtained by investigators one can see the money received from the students, but also the dissatisfaction of teachers in cases when the amounts were lower than the claimed ones. In the investigated episodes, the reception of ten thousand lei from several classes of students is established. The money was meant for influencing some teachers to ensure that students take exams and to increase their grades.

Chisinau Constituency Electoral Council refused to register Ruslan Codreanu in the electoral race for the capital's mayoralty. With 6 votes "for" and 4 abstentions, CECEC members invalidated 1200 of the 10454 signatures submitted by Ruslan Codreanu. The former interim mayor of the capital admitted that there may have been some human errors upon collecting the signatures, but there could not have been so many. Ina Babin, CECEC vice chairperson, has stated that 19 people have been registered in the electoral race for mayor of the capital.

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