IPN Yesterday in brief, for 1 October 2019

People’s Republic of China celebrates its 70th founding anniversary. During the ceremony dedicated to the 70th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China, Zhang Yinghong, Ambassador of the Republic of China to the Republic of Moldova has stated that in the last 70 years, China has built the second largest economy in the world, and its comprehensive national force has made a historic leap. China's Gross Domestic Product grew from $ 30 billion in the first days of New China to $ 13.6 trillion at the end of last year, up over 450 times. "China has become the largest producing country, the largest commodity trading country, the second largest goods consumer country and the second largest country with foreign capital inflows," mentioned the ambassador.

In a contestation addressed to the Special Committee of the General Assembly of Judges, the Superior Council of Magistrates/CSM requested the annulment of the decision taken on September 27, by which the magistrates voted for the removal of six members of the Council. The Council also notes that the GAJ of 27 September was not deliberative. There are 395 incumbent judges in the country’s courts of justice. While 198 judges make a quorum. According to CSM the Assembly was convened for 10.00 However, by 11:20 AM the presiding judge announced that only 187 judges showed up. Despite this, the Assembly wasn’t interrupted, and more than four hours later the number was declared to be 200, ignoring the fact that many left the room in the meantime,” says the contestation, adding: “The situation that the Assembly carried on its business without quorum is confirmed by the fact that only 184 ballots were filled in.”

The US Embassy in Chisinau expresses concern about reports that the recent Extraordinary General Assembly of Judges’ decision to remove judges from the Superior Council of Magistrates did not adhere to appropriate legal procedure and may have been intended to block needed reform - including the external vetting of judges and prosecutors, or to shield judges accused of corruption from prosecution. "The United States supports the Moldovan government’s anti-corruption and justice sector reforms. Moldovans deserve a justice system that holds all individuals - including those within the system - accountable for any criminal or corrupt act", says the statement.

“I cannot call this event a General Assembly of Judges. It is not a deliberative session and an Assembly in the legal sense of the term. In the conditions in which there is no quorum, there is a meeting, a sitting, but it is not a General Assembly of Judges”, said the parliamentarian. In his opinion, the purpose of the judges who initiated the Assembly is to block the activity of the judiciary, taking into account that the event was organized immediately after the immunity of the chairman of the Supreme Court of Justice, Ion Druță, had been withdrawn, believes MP of PAS group, ACUM bloc, Sergiu Litvinenco.

Just over a quarter of the voters in the capital, more precisely 25.2% would vote for Ion Ceban (PSRM) in the first round of elections for the Chisinau mayoralty, while 18.7% would elect Andrei Năstase (ACUM). According to an opinion poll, presented at an IPN press conference by Mihai Bologan, director of "Intelligent Data" sociological research company, in the top three of voters' preferences is also the former mayor Dorin Chirtoaca (PL), with 8.4%. If Ion Ceban and Andrei Năstase get through to the second round of mayor’s elections, for the socialist candidate would vote 36% of the inhabitants of the capital, while Andrei Nastase is favoured by 33.7% of the interviewees.

At a press conference, Andrei Năstase has declared that his program of activity at Chisinau City Hall is structured in the form of a pyramid, with capital dwellers placed on the top. If no radical changes are made in five-ten years, Năstase maintains, Chisinau will imminently collapse. According to the candidate, a mayor’s role is to provide a vision for how to develop the city, and the role of his or her team is to cater to the people’s needs. “Poverty and chronic corruption – that’s what the oligarchic regime left behind,” declared Andrei Năstase.

The situation in Germany in the 1990s, when the reunification of the country occurred, was much more complicated than the one in Moldova today. In a video interview given to the IPN Press Agency, Angela Ganninger, Germany's Ambassador to Chisinau, has said that as regards the territorial unity of the Republic of Moldova, things are simpler when it comes to exchanges between the two banks of the Dniester. Angela Ganninger has mentioned that it was important for Germany to assume its own history, its own past, to have a trusting relation with its neighbours and partners, and to take confidence-building measures between the East Germany and the West Germany. "We have done this for years," said the German diplomat, suggesting that the Republic of Moldova could learn part of this "lesson" in the process of reunification of the country. "One of our lessons from the two devastating wars of the last century is that we are all doing well in Europe, if every country is doing well. That is why we would like our Eastern partners, that we deem important, with which we do not yet have the same close relations as with the European Union member states, among which is Moldova, with which we have a close relation, to enjoy opportunities for economic development, peace, freedom and prosperity. It's our real interest” said Angela Ganninger. According to the diplomat, some German investors have been in Moldova for quite a while, whereas others keep coming. "Last week I witnessed the opening of a few stores by Kaufland. There is also the productive sector. All these companies are located in free trade areas, thanks to the functional services, for example, the fast and correct customs services”, said Angela Ganninger. The ambassador has also spoken about certain particular cases when German investors encountered problems arising from "insufficient justice", but she hopes that they will remain in the past.

2019 elections in news headlines: „CEC rejected the contestations of Ruslan Codreanu and Serghei Scripnic”; „Who is Valeriu Munteanu, cahdidat for the capital’s mayoralty ”; Octavian Ticu says that he is most concerned with the fate of the historical centre of the city” „Candidates for the Causeni mayor offices: You must vote for those who work but not for those who make promises”

During the cold season  
on the sidewalks, but also in the block yards of the capital, no sand will be used for snow removal. According to the head of the General Directorate for Housing and Communal Development, Ion Burdiumov, this decision was taken in the context of city sanitizing efforts.

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