Ion Druță alias Vanea Pisateli: Chitoroagă forced me to make false statements

Prisoner Ion Druță alias Vanea Pisateli provided new details about the attempt on the life of banker German Gorbuntsov. According to him, prosecutor Nicolae Chitoroagă forced him to make testimonies about Renato Usatyi’s involvement in the murder attempt. But his statements were later misinterpreted by some of the TV channels affiliated to the regime of Plahotniuc. Chitoroagă was the one who discussed this case with high-ranking politicians, IPN reports.

In an interview given from Penitentiary No. 6 in Soroca, inmate Ion Druță alias Vanea Pisateli confessed that Renato Usatîi didn’t have any connection with the attempt on the life of Gorbuntsov and he made statements in 2017 under pressure and threats.

“In 2017, I was serving time in penitentiary No. 4 in Cricova. A number of journalists came to me then, but I repeatedly refused to talk to them. I was ultimately told that Proca intended to make confessions and a video with Proca was to be disseminated. Pressure started then to be exerted on me. My brothers, my family members were threatened. I was told to make statements. I never said that Renato ordered the murder. They said on TV that I asserted that Renato ordered the murder. Chitoroagă forced me to make those false statements. He was coordinating things with politicians,” Ion Druță stated during the talk show “Secrets of the Power” on JurnalTV channel.

According to the convict, the intention of killer Vitalie Proca was not to murder German Gorbuntsov, but to scare him and to make him repay a debt.

“They said the case became political and Renato Usatîi hampered them. I didn’t say that Renato ordered the murder. Gorbuntsov had some debts. But I don’t know if Proca fired or not.  It wasn’t an attempt. The intention was to scare him and to make him pay 600 million as he had debts in Moscow,” stated Druță.

Ion Druță was sentenced to five years in jail for trafficking in arms and to 20 years behind bars for triple murder. In 2000, Druță organized the murder of three persons who refused to share with him the money they earned after selling a stolen car. The three bodies were found in 2008.  

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