Igor Grosu: We are not satisfied with UN’s response time

Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu said the Moldovan authorities complained to the United Nations Secretary General that the UN Refugee Agency does not act at the required speed. According to him, of the over 90,000 Ukrainian refugees who stopped in Moldova, only 30,000 received the money promised by the UN. Much fewer host families in Moldova received the promised financial support. Chisinau proposed mobilizing more operators so as to hasten the assistance process, IPN reports.

The Speaker said the UN Refugee Agency that undertook to financially help the Ukrainians who found refuge in Moldova and the Moldovan families hosting refugees does not act according to promises.

“We have two financing lines set up in connection with the refugee crisis. A financing line is intended for refugees. It is the money the UN offers to refugees – 2,200 lei. We also have a financial support line for host families. I’m not satisfied with the way in which the UN manages the process. The last data show that only 30,000 refugees benefitted from the money, but we have 92,000 refugees. The number of host communities is even lower. We expressed our dissatisfaction with the work of those who manage this large budget of the UN. We also explained this to the UN Secretary General and I urge our citizens to fill out forms and to seek cash assistance,” Igor Grosu stated in a program on Radio Moldova.

The Speaker called on the people to visit the website www.dopomoga.gov.md, to complete the forms and to be more insistent when it goes to the financial support promised by the UN.

“Dear people, seek help from these centers. This money was allocated for refugees and for host families that face their own problems and that already did a great thing by housing refugees. We asked the UN to tell us if we should intervene to mobilize more people, operators. They need to move faster,” noted the Speaker.

Igor Grosu also said that Finland’s and Sweden’s decision to submit NATO applications are sovereign decisions of these states. The Republic of Moldova will keep its neutrality and will act strictly in compliance with this status that is stipulated in the Constitution.

“These are decisions assumed by the governments and parliaments of these countries. The Republic of Moldova has managed to maintain calmness in society even if we have the Russian army that stays illegally on our territory and we have an illegal ammunition depot in Cobasna. We manage to keep stability, to host Ukrainian refugees, while the opposition, the fifth column, is scared as they saw what their partners can do, but they also try to justify the payments they receive from their backers,” said the official.

The UN Refugee Agency announced that the persons who fled Ukraine and found refuge in the Republic of Moldova are entitled to 2,200 MDL/month each. The grant will be renewed for refugees remaining in the country. Households currently hosting at least two refugees from Ukraine are eligible to receive 3,500 MDL one time only.

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