Igor Dodon: Attempts are made to block Transnistrian region at economic level

The entry ban imposed by Ukraine on motor vehicles with Transnistrian license plates is nothing else but an agreement between Zelensky and Sandu on the economic blockage of the Transnistrian region, said the leader of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon. According to him, the scandal around the license plates is artificial and was created with the aim of stopping any economic activity in the Transnistrian region, IPN reports.

Igor Dodon said Kiev’s decision to impose an entry ban on the motor vehicles with Transnistrian license plates as from September 1 this year was agreed during the meetings of Maia Sandu and Volodymyr Zelensky.

“It is a game played by the Moldovan authorities. They agreed from the start with the Ukrainians on that letter by which the postponement of the ban was requested. The goal was to cheat the Russians by saying that they tried to resolve the conflict, but the Ukrainians didn’t give up so that the Ukrainians seem bad, while those from Chisinau seem good. I don‘t think Zelensky, while in Chisinau, didn’t discuss this subject so as to reach a consensus. Maia Sandu offered him Ceaus in the trunk. I don’t think they didn’t come to terms on this too. The goal is to institute an economic blockage in the Transnistrian region,” Igor Dodon stated in a program on Primul în Moldova TV channel.  

Dodon noted Ukraine tries to attract the Republic of Moldova on its side in the conflict with the Russian Federation and the Moldovan authorities are willing to accept this.

“Ukraine is in a conflict with Russia and the Ukrainians will try to spawn challenges in the Transnistrian region. This is their internal agenda, not our agenda. The authorities in Chisinau name the Transnistrians “separatists”. They are ready to buy electricity from Ukraine, which is more expensive, but to block the Transnistrian region at economic level,” stated Igor Dodon.

On September 1, the Ukrainian authorities banned the motors vehicles with Transnistrian license plates from crossing the border of Ukraine, with only vehicles with neutral-design license plates being admitted. The ban was imposed even if the Moldovan authorities requested the official Kiev to put off its implementation until January 10, 2022 so as to improve the mechanism for issuing neutral-design license plates meanwhile.

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