Grosu denies accusations that functionaries are prompted to join PAS

This is anger or post-electoral trauma, the acting president of the Party of Action and Solitary (PAS) Igor Grosu stated, referring to the protest mounted two days ago by representatives of the National Unity Party (PUN). Grosu asked former MP Octavian Țîcu to provide concrete names of PAS members who were named to public posts according to party criteria. Grosu deniedthe accusations that the public functionaries are prompted to join the ruling party for being promoted to posts, IPN reports.

Igor Grosu said the current governmental team includes a lot of people without political affiliation. After they took over, the number of persons who are willing to join PAS increased, but the party is very tough when it goes to the recruitment of new members.

“There are ministers who are not party members. The director of the Public Property Agency has nothing to do with PAS. The same is true about the head of the Public Services Agency, the Government’s representatives at the local level. A mate from district told us that there are people holding elective posts who want to join PAS and we told them that responsibility for this is borne at the local level as those from the district know who these people are and how they asserted themselves in the past. PAS will never accept people who leave triumphantly a party and come to us. We know about the appetite of some who aim to please the government, but we look coldly at such things,” Igor Grosu stated in the talk show “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

Igor Grosu expressed his disappointment at the protest staged by representatives of PUN, who accused the government of promoting persons to key posts by nepotism. PUN expressed its discontent after PAS voted in Natalia Moloșag, who served as a lawyer for the electoral contender Maia Sandu in the campaign prior to the presidential elections, as ombudswoman.

“These are cheap statements. I treat them as a kind of jealousy, anger, post-electoral trauma. Dear former mates from Parliament, give concrete names and surnames. We will be harsh towards those who tell the people to join the party for obtaining a post. We do not need members for the sake of figures. The people join us out of their own free will and without being forced by someone. Currently, we have about 8,500 members,” stated Grosu.

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