Government should have been judged by results, not by Harvard diplomas, Andrei Năstase

The Moldovan diaspora is disappointed at the removal of the Sandu Government as it expected that a pro-European government will continue to do reforms, to build a better life for the people so that those who are abroad could return to the country. Even so, not the diaspora was the one that delegated the people to the Cabinet. These were chosen following particular discussions that didn’t involve the diaspora, the president of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) Andrei Năstase said in a video interview for IPN News Agency.

According to Andrei Năstase, the diaspora’s disappointment had a reflection on the voter turnout in the new parliamentary elections in constituency No. 50, which was low. “This should make us visit more the diaspora and not ignore it,” he said, adding that he never lost contact with the diaspora as he is also part of the diaspora given that his family lives abroad.

The politician noted not the Harvard diplomas recommend the people for a particular post, but the results these achieve. “The criticism leveled at the ministers of the Sandu Government by making reference to the Harvard diplomas was like a strategy of the FSB to which Dodon and Ceban resorted. The Government should have been judged by the delivered results, not by diplomas. None of us had false diplomas.”

The leader of the PPPDA also said that he has become the target of hostile Moldovan forces, which say that he does not pay for the food or clothes he purchases in shops. “The whole society should oppose such kind of manipulation.”

The interview “PPPDA president Andrei Năstase’s view about the state of affairs in Moldovan society at the intersection of years” forms part of the series “Crossroads of years through the angle of the ideal of living well at home” that will involve President Igor Dodon and Prime Minister Ion Chicu and the leaders of the main parliamentary parties Pavel Filip and Maia Sandu.

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