Free lunches for persons in need at social canteen of “Regina Pacis” Foundation

Hundreds of older persons daily go to the social canteen of the Charity Foundation “Regina Pacis” in Chisinau to take away warm meals. Many of these persons have a sick child confined to bed, a sick and helpless husband or wife at home. Even if they worked throughout their life, many of these persons live in extreme poverty.

“At the social canteen of “Regina Pacis” Foundation, over 180 older persons in need from the municipality of Chisinau get takeaway meals. This charitable activity is based on sponsorships that come from foreign partners, from donations made by people or business entities,” Adelina Sochircă, communication and public relations consultant of “Regina Pacis”, has told IPN.

The consultant said that those who receive free meals are selected according to a social questionnaire based on the incomes of the applicant’s family. If their income is indeed low, they get these meals. Rotation is often applied so as to also help other persons in need. About 180 persons are now provided with free lunches, but the number of applications is much higher. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an avalanche of applications for free meals from older persons. Given the restrictions imposed in connection with the COVID-19, volunteers of the Foundation delivered 300-350 free meals home. 

Currently, the meals are offered in portions for two days in containers and people from different professions benefit from warm lunches. “Many consider that some of the persons who live in poverty got into such a state because they do not work or didn’t work. But this is not so. Among our beneficiaries are persons who worked as teachers, journalists, writers, doctors. So, they are persons who worked. They tell us: “We are embarrassed, but we must come as the pension is low and we can pay only for public utilities and purchase medicines with it. After we leave the drugstore and the post office, we remain with 100-200 lei only and we cannot buy food for the whole month with this money,” said Adelina Sochircă.

The products “Regina Pacis” receive monthly from the Food Bank are of great aid and considerably diminish the costs for the free meals, especially now that the bills, food and medicines grew more expensive. The Foundation is also helped by other generous business entities. “Some bring potatoes, dairy products, while a company during the state of emergency offered by a loaf of bread to the older persons who came to us.”

On Decembers 4, “Regina Pacis” Foundation stages the charity event “Castagnata” where roasted chestnuts and wine brulè will be served. The proceeds from the sale of products will be fully used to prepare warm meals for older people in need. Adelina Sochircă urged all those interested to become involved and help them to provide the older persons with warm meals.

In the course of December, “Regina Pacis” Foundation will stage the traditional supermarket campaign to collect nonperishable food products entitled “Warm up a Heart”. These products will also be used to prepare meals for those in need.

Anyone can support the Social Canteen of “Regina Pacis” by donating food or by donating money using the bank details indicated below:

For donations from the Republic of Moldova:
BANCA: BC „Victoriabank” S.A. Filiala № 11
C/C MDL: 222400011100577

For donations in
EURO and USD through IBAN
IBAN: MD 84 VI 000 222401711100577
BANK: VICTORIABANK, Chișinău, Moldova

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