Fr. Pavel Borșevschi: There's no political culture in Moldova

"If we try, in the light of the Gospel of Christ, to judge our deeds and our way of being, and if we carry our cross on our chest, which is, in fact, the greatest love that God gives us, his ability to sacrifice, we will learn from him, that bread is eaten only by the sweat of our brow, that, indeed, with God it is never too late, that any work of ours depends on us and on how we do it, and, without fail, if we do it well, we have the mercy and help of God. Pavel Borșevschi, parish priest of the Church "Saint Dumitru" in Chișinău, made these statements during a public debate titled "Independence-30: A subjective view on the state of the nation", held by the IPN news agency.

"I thank God for the change that has taken place in our country. I know for sure that we will move with rapid steps towards a civil, constitutional law in our country, that is to say that we will have a state based on the rule of law, but not deprived of the holiness of our Christian Orthodox Church, which is the foundation of our people and according to which we call our homeland "patria" or "pater", and not 'rodina', for example", said the priest.

The parish priest of the Church of St. Dumitru said that he expects a beginning from this political elite, this state and this homeland. "As the apostles learned the lesson - do not place your stakes on the goodness of this world - that they have a different job. The church's job is, in fact, for the church not to wait for the goods of men, but to offer men the goods of God. And the church, so far, does this job. Otherwise, people would not come to church. I want to hear, for example, something like this: "Father, I want to marry my daughter, what could I do for this community and church, which is going to be my daughter's, because she is married here? We bind people to the homeland, even if they leave for Germany, we bind them. Wherever you are, know that this church and this community is yours. This country must be a community of people who think freely and have the right to the truth," said the priest.

According to the clergyman, Moldova lacks political culture. "We did not learn in school what and how should be done. We don't have a single language, which would be shared by all our fellow countrymen, with whom we live together. If we worked together with the Gagauz and the Bulgarians, we would have achieved something. The Baltic countries have not lost their national identity and have not been corrupted by this Bolshevik diabolism, as we have. Unfortunately, we have been corrupted much deeper. Not everything that falls from the sky is from God, and not all power is blessed by God. Yes, we sin with God's permission, but the goal is not to lead us to perdition, but to get our attention - look, when you were with God, it was like this and that", said Pavel Borșevschi.

In the context of political culture, the priest said that "I can't say, however, that we aren't making any progress at all. However, people are used to focusing on Maia Sandu and not on the PAS Party, because we hardly know the others. However, we can benefit a lot from the activity of these young people. Of the Jewish people, only those who were less than 20 years old entered Jerusalem or the Promised Land. The church remains a pillar of our society, because within the church we had the language, we had the foundation of everything. We must not obstruct, but help the young people who rose to power.  This is an opportunity, which means we shouldn't get in their way. Those who are in Parliament today must understand that the Constitution and of the territorial-administrative division are based in the Bible. You can't pour new liquor into old barrels", said Pavel Borșevschi.

The public debate titled "Independence-30: A subjective view on the state of the nation" was held by the IPN News Agency within the project "Development of political culture in public debates", supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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