Experts: There is a difference between business management and management of public affairs

Political commentators warn about the government’s intentions to name persons close to decision makers of the Party of Action and Solidarity to posts. According to them, the exclusion of the obligation to organize public contests is not appropriate for building the rule of law. Political experts recommend making a distinction between business management and the management of public affairs, IPN reports.

Political analyst Anatol Țăranu gave the example of two employees of the national education system and health system, who were threated with dismissal by representatives of the new government.

“There are persons who were told that they will be dismissed and this happens for the only reason that these were named by the previous government. They didn’t have ideological ties with the previous government and are good managers. But they have to leave because the time of good people came. If such a path is followed, a category of people who will be hostile to this government will appear. Beware, government. The phenomenon you can generate can ultimately reverse things,” Anatol Țăranu stated in the talk show “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

Moreover, accordion to opinion leaders, the employment of decision makers based on transparent public contests will offer more credibility to the current government, while the avoidance of dismissals according to political criteria will help build institutional memory.

“We are witnessing a situation when any appointment is suspected of being based on nepotism. It goes to corruption not in the classical meaning, but in our mioritic meaning, when someone brings relatives to a public post. This happens because the idea of contests was abandoned. I agree that the idea of contests was discredited, but I don’t think that PAS would have dared to compromise the same principle while in power with 63 seats of MP. When you remove persons who ensure institutional memory, you risk creating weaker institutions in an already weak state,” noted political scientist Dionis Cenușă.

“We must make a distinction between two types of activity – management of public affairs and management of businesses. Business management is a private issue. You can name brothers, sisters as managers here as it is a private asset. When it goes to the management of public affairs, the law bans the employment of functionaries in the absence of contests,” stated Stanislav Pavlovschi.

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