Establishment of polling places in Transnistrian region for Russia’s elections is defiance, opinions

Experts say the Russian Federation’s decision to establish polling stations for the elections to the State Duma in the districts situated on the left side of the Nistru is defiance of the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Moldova. The representatives of the government consider the official Chisinau’s reaction to Moscow’s actions should not be revolutionary and should be in accordance with the diplomatic norms, IPN reports.

Even if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration requested Moscow to refrain from opening the 27 polling stations on the left side of the
Nistru, given the impossibility of ensuring conditions for holding the elections safely, this didn’t happen.

“It is a very clear signal for the authorities of the Republic of Moldova that the country’s sovereignty and independence are not respected. These actions go against the previous statements of Russia, which said that it recognizes the integrity of the Republic of Moldova, together with the Eastern districts of the country. At international level, we are placed alongside Crimea. De facto, Russia admitted that it has control in the Transnistrian region,“ Teodor Cârnaț stated in the talk showed “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

At the same time, political commentators consider the government avoids a harsher tone in relation to Moscow and the self-styled Transnistrian authorities so as to avoid the deterioration of the situation.

“Moscow does not consider necessary to respect international order in relation to someone, not to mention the Republic of Moldova. Chisinau, together with Ukraine, has enough instruments to thwart Tiraspol in its intentions to increase the temperature of negotiations and the so-called authorities in Tiraspol should be now calmer. A protest note should be presented so as to show that we do not accept such things. The new power needs quietness to implement the projects that refer to the uncontrolled territory,” stated political commentator Vlad Țurcanu.

Representatives of the government say they try to adopt a balance attitude in relation to the Russian Federation and the legitimacy of the vote at the polling stations established in the Transnistrian region should be questioned.

“When such defiance of the country’s sovereignty is witnessed, we should show our attitude by a document. We do not need to take revolutionary steps. We just need to obey the law. There is also the problem of expression of the vote. Free and fair elections mean free expression of the vote. But who can guarantee that this vote was expressed freely on a territory that is not controlled by the constitutional authorities?” asked PAS MP Vasile Grădinaru.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European said it informed the Russian side about the lack of obstacles to establishing polling places only in the localities that are under the control of the Moldovan constitutional authorities. However, the Russian authorities established 27 polling stations in the Transnistrian region for the elections to the State Duma.

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