Especially serious crimes have been committed within SIS in recent past, colonel in reserve

Colonel in reserve of the Security and Intelligence Service (SIS), Alexei Serebryanski, former foreign espionage chief, said that a number of especially serious, unprecedented crimes have been committed within the Service over the past ten days about which he informed earlier. According to him, the SIS has illegally created and used a series of anonymous Telegram channels through which SIS information that represents a state secret is massively disseminated. The identity of information and security officers and details of secret SIS operations are revealed. Fake news, offense, calumnies, insult and campaigns to denigrate active and former SIS officers and inconvenient public persons and politicians of the Republic of Moldova are distributed.

“I inform you that an organized criminal group consisting of high-ranking officials among division heads, which is specialized in the fabrication and dissemination of fake news, disinformation, theft and revealing of information classed as state secret, use of the Service’s resources for personal and criminal interests, staging of online provocations in the Republic of Moldova, blackmailing of politicians and public figures, has worked within the SIS for years. The organized criminal group consists of active high-ranking officers, official representatives of SIS abroad, former officers, journalists, bloggers, opinion leaders and other persons who are active in the public sphere and who represent a real army of trolls who act by order of this criminal group of the SIS,” Alexei Serebryanski stated in a news conference hosted by IPN.

The SIS colonel in reserve said that the SIS Telegram channels became the main weapon in the fight between different “clans” of the institution. “The key posts at the SIS are held by a group of incompetent persons who are involved in illegal and criminal activities, who were named during the time of Plahotniuc. They intensely supported Dodon and continue managing the main divisions of the SIS. Chumachenko, Ojog, Racoviță, Pavlyuk, Cuzmin have been protected, coordinated and directed by Artur Gumeniuc, the adviser to Dodon. All these persons are featured in criminal case and they are all involved in crimes,” said Alexei Serebryanski.

He called on the SIS director Alexandru Musteața, who was recently named to the post, to take measures with regard to the actions of those who discredit the institution. “As what I stated in the previous news conferences came true, I warn you, Mister director, that if you don’t take urgent measures to deal with the real SIS manager Artur Gumeniuc and his people in the SIS, during a short period of time they will discredit you irreversibly,” stated the former foreign espionage chief.

He also called on President Maia Sandu. “We appreciate you decision to name a person from outside the system as SIS director as this is a democratic practice used at all the European intelligence services. There is yet the risk that Artur Gumeniuc, the adviser to Dodon, through the agency of people from the system who are loyal to him, will block and compromise all the noble ideas of Mister Alexandru Musteața. I insistently ask you to intervene from your position of President so as to stop all the illegalities committed now at the SIS and to initiate a genuine reform that would enable the SIS to really become a service that ensures the security of the Republic of Moldova, not of an organized criminal group,” stated Alexei Serebryanski.

Note: IPN News Agency offers the right of reply to persons who consider they were touched by the news items produced based on statements of the organizers of the given news conference, including by facilitating the organization of another news conference in similar conditions.

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