Doina German: EU candidate status means peace, security, democracy

The EU candidate status means irreversibility, the European road of the Republic of Moldova and additional funds for modernizing and democratizing the country, said the head of the Parliament’s commission on foreign policy and European integration Doina German. For their part, experts consider the obtaining of this status represents a symbiosis between the efforts made by the Moldovan government and geopolitical factors, IPN reports.

The former deputy prime minister for reintegration Vlad Kulminski said the war in Ukraine and the security crisis in the region accelerated Moldova’s European path. The efforts made by the government should also not be neglected. No other political configuration in Chisinau would have obtained such a credit of trust from the European community.

“Albania submitted an application for EU membership in 2009 and was granted a candidate status in five years. It opened the accession negotiations in 2018. The fact that the Republic of Moldova submitted an application and in several months obtains this status is due to geopolitical circumstances. The decision to submit an application was a very intelligent move by the government. The governments come and leave, but some of the things remain, like the visa-free regime, and this candidate status will also remain. No other government in the Republic of Moldova would have obtained this status in the current circumstances. If we had had a Government of Chicu, Dodon, Plahotniuc, the Republic of Moldova wouldn’t have obtained this status even if the circumstances are now favorable for this,” Vlad Kulminski stated in the talk show “Shadow Cabinet” on Jurnal TV channel.

Representatives of the PAS said that Moldova’s rapprochement with the EU means greater opportunities for development and modernization. The infrastructure and energy projects will be the government’s priority.

“We are now as close to the European Union as never before. Beyond the political messages of support, the candidate status for the Republic of Moldova makes the European path irreversible. This means enhanced democracy, peace, security. There are clear opportunities for the citizens, including access to European funds for continuing the initiated reforms, fighting corruption, reforming the justice sector. There will be modernized the key areas, infrastructure, the energy sector. There will be modernized the schools, kindergartens, hospitals. The access to European funds is the most important advantage from which we will benefit,” stated PAS MP Doina German.

The EU candidate country status offers Moldova also an increased protection level in the context of the regional security crisis. The country increases its level of resilience in the eventuality of a military attack on the part of the Russian Federation, said politician commentator Anatol Țăranu.

“On the one hand, we have a pro-European government that is supported outside the country and that built a favorable image for the Republic of Moldova in the European Union. On the other hand, we have geopolitical circumstances. The EU should demonstrate that Putin must be stopped. An attack by the Russian Federation on the Republic of Moldova as an EU candidate state  means an attack on a country that has much closer relations with the EU and is also an affront to the European Union. We should not forget that most of the EU member states are NATO members and this also matters. There could also be a risk. Russia could attack the Republic of Moldova so as to stop this path, but we are not as important as Ukraine,” stated Anatol Țăranu.

The Republic of Moldova submitted an application for EU membership on March 3, following the example of Ukraine and Georgia. European Council President Charles Michel announced the decision to grant Moldova and Ukraine the EU candidate status on June 23 at a summit in Brussels, calling it a historic moment. “Today marks a crucial step on your path towards the EU,” Michel said. “Our future is together.”

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