Daniel Ioniță: Romania and Moldova are partners that respect each other on international arena

Romania and the Republic of Moldova are partners that respect each other on the international arena. In a video interview for IPN News Agency, the Ambassador of Romania in Chisinau Daniel Ioniță said he asserts this with overall seriousness. “When difficult files are to be supported on the international arena, Romania knows that it can count on the support of the Republic of Moldova,” stated the ambassador.

The statement was made when he was asked how Moldova helps and can help Romania in the bilateral relations. According to Daniel Ioniță, the bilateral projects are also useful to both of the sides and are respectively in Romania’s interest. “And we have a lot of things to learn from the interaction with experts from the Republic of Moldova. No one fully knows all the things. From our interaction we have learned that there are things that you do here, in the Republic of Moldova, better than we can do in Romania.”

According to the diplomat, there are almost 6,000 firms with capital from the Republic of Moldova that work unimpededly in Romania. But the number of Romanian companies registered in Moldova is about three times smaller. “This economic interaction is useful first of all to those who work in Romania and also in Moldova. These investors give work to people and such connections are needed namely for the people to have reasons to stay home and avoid going abroad and longing for home.”

Daniel Ioniță noted there are “much more things that can be done better together if we have the same level of responsibility and the same seriousness in Bucharest and in Chisinau as regards the fulfilment of undertaken commitments. We will see how things develop, but I think that both of the sides stand to gain from this bilateral relationship”.

The diplomat also said that Romania is now in the position of donor of official assistance for development and Moldova was the main recipient of such assistance so far. He assured Romania does what it does over the Prut with love.

As to the Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline, Daniel Ioniță said the linear section between Ungheni and Chisinau will most probably be completed next April and all the pumping stations are expected to be built by the end of next year so that the pipeline next winter has the projected pressure. There are many other infrastructure projects that are necessary and are requested by the people.

The video interview given to the IPN News Agency by Romania’s Ambassador to Moldova Daniel Ioniță forms part of the series of debates “The Republic of Moldova’s relations with the development partners” that is supported by the German foundation “Hans Seiddel”.

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