Daniel Ioniță: Any investor looks at two safety aspects – financial and legal

Romania’s Ambassador to Moldova Daniel Ioniță said an investor, no matter from what part of the world this comes, when intending to make an investment examines attentively two safety aspects – financial and legal. “One should have a solid banking system as business nowadays is done through the agency of banks, not with the bag and not with money given in envelopes. One should have a solid justice system so that when you need, you can rely on the fact that an impartial judge will do justice to you in the most serious way and this justice will be in accordance with the letter of the law,” the ambassador stated in a video interview for IPN News Agency.

He said that any investor also looks at the way in which other serious investors are treated. “In the past, there were both good and bad examples in this regard. There were serious investors from Romania that wanted to come to the Republic of Moldova but could not. I do not want the serious Romanian investors that fully obey the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, invested large sums of money here and created jobs to be treated in a somehow discriminatory way. I follow this aspect with special attention and try to support these investors when a dialogue is to be facilitated. Because this is what an ambassador can do – can facilitate the dialogue, can make potential problems and situations faces by investors to be heard so as to see if these issues are single or systemic.”

According to Daniel Ioniță, if there are systemic problems, a solution should be found to solve all the cases. “I think seriousness is needed for the investors that come to the Republic of Moldova to fully obey the social-corporatist principles, the legislation. By what they do they should represent examples and models of good practices. I every time transmitted these messages to investors from Romania that in Chisinau are united through the Romanian Investors Association. This association was created on our initiative and with our support. They elected me honorific president. It’s for the first time I’m the president of an organization and I’m very proud of this.

“The association consists not only of Romanian investors. There are companies there that operated and developed successful businesses in Romania and then crossed the Prut, encouraged by the us and by the fact that the practices, mentality, traditions and language are the same and it seems somehow easier to assert oneself here.”

The video interview given to the IPN News Agency by Romania’s Ambassador to Moldova Daniel Ioniță forms part of the series of debates “The Republic of Moldova’s relations with the development partners” that is supported by the German foundation “Hans Seiddel”.

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