Commission of inquiry lobbies for group that wants to take over Micăuți Quarry, lawyer

The parliamentary commission of inquiry into the method exploiting useful mineral resources, instead of exercising its legal duties, lobbies for the financial interests of a group of persons who intend to take over the Micăuți Quarry and to deprive this company’s creditors of the right to satisfaction of debts, said lawyer Andrei Iosip, who noted that the goal pursued by members of the commission of inquiry is to stop at any cost the activity of the Micăuți Quarry and to sack its employees so as to finally make sure that the quarry is transferred to those who ordered and financed the offensive.

In a news conference at IPN, the lawyer said that this results from the actions taken by some of the members of the commission of inquiry, manifested especially by statements for the media, pressure exerted in virtue of the held post on courts of law, the Inspectorate for Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment by placing obstacles to the economic activity of the entity, distorting the presented information and others.

Andrei Iosip said the commission of inquiry was constituted based on a Parliament decision of November 27, 2020. Under the decision, the commission will engage in its activity all the state authorities responsible for the area, will question the parties and the persons involved and will present a report to Parliament on the results and conclusions of the investigation within 90 days. “Respectively, the commission of inquiry’s duties are clear and are defined in the Parliament decision. We see that the commission hasn’t been empowered with special powers, such as stopping of the economic activity of SA Cariera Micăuți, obliging of state institutions to hamper the quarry’s activity and impose penalties, hindering of the activity by blocking access ways, etc.,” stated the lawyer.

He noted that MPs Alexandru Slusari, Lilian Carp and Nicolae Ciubuc repeatedly accused SA Cariera Micăuți of working without permissive documents and of not being allowed to extract mineral resources. “I reiterate that the Micăuți Quarry works legally and does not violate the limits imposed by the responsible bodies and by the law,” said Andrei Iosip.

He made reference to the steps taken at the Micăuți Quarry on April 12, saying the actions of the MPs and inspectors who were at the scene were abusive. “The Micăuți Quarry is subject to an unprecedented attack by politicians with obscure interests who mimic the investigation of the method of exploiting useful mineral resources when the pursued goals are different in fact. It seems that the main problem of Mister Slusari and the interested persons is the owners of the quarry, not the legality of its activity,” stated Andrei Iosip.

He called on the embassies and all the responsible state authorities, particularly the Prosecutor General’s Office, to objectively, partially and equidistantly investigate the mentioned MPs’ actions and to end the abusive actions of these. “Also, in the name of the employees of the Micăuți Quarry, I note that the staff reserves the right to mount protests if the attacks on the quarry do not stop,” stated the lawyer.

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