Chironda about his eventual resignation as deputy mayor

Deputy mayor of Chisinau Victor Chironda admits that his relationship with the mayor of Chisinau became tense and the scandal around the demolition of Național Hotel represents only the tip of the iceberg. Chironda rejects the idea of resigning as a result of this scandal, but is yet categorically against the demolition of the hotel, at least until a detailed plan of the complex that is to be erected instead of this is ready, IPN reports.

According to deputy mayor Victor Chironda, the demolition of Național Hotel is premature, while the plan of the future complex that is to be built instead of the hotel runs counter to the urban norms. The new complex will be taller than the height set for the area and will crowd a lot the inner city.

“The problem resides not in the demolition or non-demolition of the hotel. We cannot demolish the hotel in the absence of a detailed urban plan. The hotel is not a simple building. It is a complex of building situated in a central area near a junction. Before demolishing the hotel, we must know what will be erected instead of it,” Victor Chironda stated in the program “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

At the same time, the deputy mayor admits that his relations with mayor Ion Ceban have worsened, but he does not consider the possibility of resigning following the scandal around Național Hotel.

“I wasn’t contracted to hoe someone’s vineyard. I came to work for the people, for the citizens. My and Ion Ceban’s duty is to now determine if Missis Dogotaru broke the law and to take the necessary measures,” stated the deputy mayor, referring to Svetlana Dogotaru, chief architect of Chisinau who authorized the demolition of the hotel to Chironda’s discontent.

Public consultations on the detailed urban plan of the area where Național Hotel is situated were held on June 12. According to the document, a 25-story residential complex is to be built instead of the hotel.

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