Business entities urged to develop architectural monuments

The Agency for Monument Inspection and Restoration and the National Council of Historical Monuments of the Republic of Moldova, in cooperation with the Production House “Symbol Media”, made three films to raise awareness and urge business entities to develop the architectural monuments. The videos announced in a news conference at IPN present the complex of buildings of the Stolniceni Hospital in Edineţ district, Stroiescu Mansion in Brânzeni, Edineţ, Rosetti-Roznovanu Mansion in Lipcani, Briceni.

“While making these films, we pursued the goal of informing businesspeople, the people who care about the land that the current legislation permits to put the cultural heritage to good use. You will see two mansions and a hospital complex that are waiting for businessmen. We can use them today, but this is not done regrettably,” said Leonid Smolnitski, senior specialist at the Agency for Monument Inspection and Restoration.

The Agency’s director general Ion Ștefăniță said that the value of the inherited heritage as a historical, identity, economic value should be better perceived. “Some of the business entities can be interested in particular business plans by which to expand the business, to create jobs, to ensure the functionality of these sites that are now abandoned,” stated Ion Ștefăniță.

Sergiu Chiriac, a member of the Union of Architects of Moldova and of the National Council of Historical Monuments, said it is not enough to restore a site. Continuous investments are needed in maintaining this as time leaves an imprint and the building in 2-5 years degenerates to the previous or even a worst state.

The complex of buildings of the Stolniceni Hospital in Edineţ, Stroiescu Mansion in Brânzeni and Rosetti-Roznovanu Mansion in Lipcani are national historical sites that are currently in an advanced state of ruin.

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