Alexandr Nesterovskii: Moldova’s foreign policy should be based on national interests

Moldova’s foreign policy should be primarily based on the national interests and this is the position of the Party of Socialists. “Everything possible should be done for our country to develop and for the people to feel that the quality of life improved. The bilateral relations with a state should be primarily built on our interests,” Socialist MP Alexandr Nesterovskii stated in a public debate titled “Balanced foreign policy: capacities, advantages, risks” that was staged by IPN News Agency and Radio Moldova.

“The bilateral relations with a state should be primarily built on our interests. Therefore, we have always pleaded for friendship relations with our neighbors, with the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Union as the main economic partners on which our country depends a lot, and also with the EU, Romania, Ukraine, We plead for good relations with everyone,” he stated.

According to the MP, the so-called balanced foreign policy has been oriented more to the West and this generated numerous problems in the state. “Some of the strategic partners imposed bans and economic problems appeared, including in the agro-industrial sector. Our task is to be on friendly terms with everyone so that our country develops. One of the saddest political experiences is when you look into one direction, but do not try to come to terms with the neighbors,” said Alexandr Nesterovski, adding the fact that Moldova has an Association Agreement with the EU and is simultaneously oriented to the ties with the Eurasian Union is something beneficial.

Alexandr Nesterovskii noted the parliamentary parties mainly keep their pro-Moldova position and are for the independent development of the state and this is a positive factor. At the same time, no problems should be encountered in maintaining friendship relations with Romania, Ukraine or Russia, especially because the representatives of these nations live in harmony on Moldova’s territory. To attract investments from foreign partners, the reforms should be continued and the current government will do so. It chose the prosecutor general, continuing thus the process initiated by the former government.

Alexandr Nesterovskii said Moldova can develop good relations both with the EU and with the Eurasian Union, especially because the first offered a Free Trade Agreement to Moldova. What is important is to have what to trade with as the country is offered free trade quotas that cannot be fulfilled. There is also a Free Trade Area with the Eurasian Union. The loans from Europe or Russia are welcome if these are reasonable. Also, the bets development years of Moldova are the start of the 2000s, when the country didn’t yet work with the IMF.

In another development, the MP said the population is divided into those who are with the East and those who are with the West and only a referendum can help clarify things, but it is now important to develop the country so that the people live better.

The debate titled “Balanced foreign policy: capacities, advantages, risks” was the 122nd installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that is supported by the German foundation Hanns Seidel.

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