After solutions in fabricated cases, responsible persons should be convicted, lawyer

Not many persons had the courage to file complaints, to speak in public about the cases in which they were persecuted, these cases being handled in the period during which the state was captured, as the Parliament’s Statement provided. The dropping of charges in the cases stated by order, in which persons were illegally arrested and assets were appropriated, is only the first part. Now the persons responsible for these illegalities shroud be held accountable, said lawyer Victor Munteanu, who represents the interests of the co-owner of the network of Vento gas stations Igor Borș, the charges against whom were dropped by prosecutors.

In a news conference at IPN, the lawyer said the persons involved in these illegalities should be held accountable so that the law enforcement officers realize that such things are inadmissible. If they realize that no one is punished, the illegalities will continue.

Within the case fabricated against Vento, the company owners and even persons who simply leased out filling stations to this network were subject to unprecedented persecutions, including arrests, and were charged with unfounded and unsubstantiated illegalities by investigation officers and by officers of the Anticorruption Prospector’s Office that was then managed by Viorel Morari.

The criminal case over money laundering involving a number of private individuals and legal entities, which was started by the anticorruption prosecutor, didn’t mention the names of those involved, but the order to take legal action stipulated the name of Veaceslav Platon, who never had any ties with Vento. This name was used exclusively to keep the persons under arrest.

Viorel Morari created a working group consisting of 19 prosecutors, 26 investigation and prosecution officers who were to investigate alleged illegalities. “In March, with considerable media support, the prosecutors arrested six persons, carried out searches and ordered to seize bank accounts and assets of private individuals and legal entities. At the request of prosecutors, a number of persons were remanded in custody. Later, the charges against a number of persons were dropped,” stated the lawyer.

The initial accusations based on which the persons were arrested were fully dropped in February 2019, but the company was indicted for tax evasion based on the opinion of a fiscal inspector. In December 2020, the court held the case lacked substance and acquitted Igor Borș and the company. The first part of justice was done, but the second part should follow. It is important to hold the persons to blame for these illegalities accountable, reiterated the lawyer.

The co-owner of the network of Vento filling stations Igor Borș said the case against him was an attempt to take over the company. When it became clear that this is not possible, including in connection with the political changes, the prosecutors realized that the case should be sent to court at any cost so as to justify their actions. Igor Borș noted he was in custody for a year and wasn’t interrogated at all in the period.

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