Actions to which candidates resort to build a favorable imagine: Octavian Țîcu

All the electoral contenders competing in the presidential elections of November 1 say that they want to be elected President. Besides the made promises, the candidates resort to all kinds of practices so as to appear more convincing before the voters and these put the stamp “Voted” against their names on the ballot. IPN News Agency contacted a number of experts and asked them to analyze the behavior of the eight aspirants for the office of President, in the order in which they were registered, and the actions to which they resort to build a favorable image: No. 7 Octavian Țîcu, candidate of the National Unity Party

Political commentator Ion Tăbârță said that Octavian Țîcu comes with those already ordinary, pro-Romanian messages of a politician who promotes a policy based on particular principles. He continues to promote the image he built, including of an athlete. As usual, he comes with anti-oligarchic messages.

The candidate applies the same tactic that he adopted when he decided to become involved in politics as the promoter of an independent political project.

The refusal to sit at the negotiating table together with representatives of the same voters is also a tactic. We have two projects on the unionist segment – the UNION Movement and the PUN. He tries to distance himself from what discredited politics means. Octavian Țîcu considers there are politicians who in the past discredited themselves. He insisted on the fact that he tries to build another type of a political project where there are no persons who discredited themselves somehow in their political activity. That’s why he no way wants to balance his image with the image of discredited politicians and he considers that those of the UNION Movement are as such.

“WatchDog.MD” expert Valeriu Pașa noted the main goal of the participation of the two unionists in the election campaign is to show who is a leader on the unionist segment. Winning more votes than Dorin Chirtoacă is a matter of principle for Octavian Țîcu.

He has a predilection for a confrontation with other forces of the right so as to attract voters from these. Both Octavian Țîcu and Dorin Chirtoacă are practically two models of behavior on the unionist branch, who are in competition. The one who will gain more votes will become a leader in the process of consolidating the unionists.

Media expert Aneta Gonța stated that Octavian Țîcu does not have pronounced media visibility, but is not fully absent from the media landscape. After Tudor Deliu, he appears only in neutral contexts most often and there is felt no bias on the part of media outlets towards his statements or campaign activities.

The candidate is often compared with Dorin Chirtoacă in terms of his electoral program and this is reasonable. He has a generally balanced communication with the media and tries to remain on the axis of the electoral platform, using a primarily civilized speech even when he is provoked to resort to polemics in TV debates, for example.

However, the candidate made some noise in the press before his official registration as an electoral competitor, asserting that there were plans not to admit him to the race. He was then more acid in relation to the government, presenting himself as a victim of the system, which probably contributed to a rather positive image.

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