Actions to which candidates resort to build a favorable imagine: Dorin Chirtoacă

All the electoral contenders competing in the presidential elections of November 1 say that they want to be elected President. Besides the made promises, the candidates resort to all kinds of practices so as to appear more convincing before the voters and these put the stamp “Voted” against their names on the ballot. IPN News Agency contacted a number of experts and asked them to analyze the behavior of the eight aspirants for the office of President, in the order in which they were registered, and the actions to which they resort to build a favorable image: No.8 Dorin Chirtoacă, candidate of the UNION Electoral Bloc.

Political commentator Ion Tăbârță said Dorin Chirtoacă’s massages and the way in which they are presented should be differentiated. His messages are very correct and he probably, as other politicians, reached particular political maturity. He got rid of what the Chisinau City Hall meant (he served as mayor of Chisinau for three terms – e.n.), but the image of the City Hall nevertheless pursues him.

His unionist messages are very good and are intended for the whole right. They are the most constructive messages and call to dialogue and cooperation between all the segments of the political right, either the pro-European one or the unionist one.

The method in which these messages are presented is yet different. He presents them in a somehow hysteric way and this diminishes the maturity of the disseminated messages. He must find a particular balance. He promotes the unionist messages, the messages that call to cooperation on the right correctly, but must find a more balanced way to present them.

Dorin Chirtoacă should identify mechanisms for catching the people’s interest by such cooperation messages. Those from the right behave like contenders rather than like partners.

“WatchDog.MD” expert Valeriu Pașa said the goal of the participation by the two unionists in the election campaign is to show who is a leader on the unionist segment. For Octavian Țîcu, gaining more votes than Dorin Chirtoacă is a matter of principle, while Dorin Chirtoacă aims to win more votes than Octavian Țîcu and for him this is also a matter of principle.

At the same time, Dorin Chirtoacă and his movement pursue one more very important goal: to consolidate a positive relationship with other forces of the right, especially with Maia Sandu’s party, so as to show at domestic level that they are a potential constructive partner on the unionist segment. But Octavian Țîcu seems to have a different opinion

Earlier, Valeriu Pașa said that both Octavian Țîcu and Dorin Chirtoacă are two models of behavior on the unionist segment, who are in competition. The one who will gain more votes will become a leader in the process of consolidating the unionists.

Media expert Aneta Gonța stated that Dorin Chirtoacă is rather vocal in the media in the current election campaign. He takes part in the debates and programs to which he is invited. This is his ordinary behavior and the candidate is generally more open to the mass media than other contenders.

Dorin Chirtoacă files complaints to the CEC against Igor Dodon, makes incendiary statements and accusations and this makes him conspicuous. A part of the audiovisual and online media outlets monitored in the period often presented Dorin Chirtoacă in an unfavorable light, his actions, statements or elements of his electoral program being sometimes criticized in an ironic way. Usually, the candidate’s opinion is not present in such unfavorable content. In other cases, he is presented in a neutral way and very seldom in a positive light.

Dorin Chirtoacă banks yet on his media speeches and appearances as he aims to build a good image before the voters, including by making a victim of himself. 


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