Actions to which candidates resort to build a favorable imagine: Tudor Deliu

All the electoral contenders competing in the presidential elections of November 1 say that they want to be elected President. Besides the made promises, the candidates resort to all kinds of practices so as to appear more convincing before the voters and these put the stamp “Voted” against their names on the ballot. IPN News Agency contacted a number of experts and asked them to analyze the behavior of the eight aspirants for the office of President, in the order in which they were registered, and the actions to which they resort to build a favorable image: No. 3 Tudor Deliu, candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party of (PLDM).

Political commentator Ion Tăbârță said that even if Tudor Deliu appears on TV, he is not massively present on posters, leaflets and other electoral advertisements. In a TV program, he said that they do not have money for such things because advertising is very expensive.

According to the expert, the PLDM no longer has that previous extensiveness. At the same time, owing to Tudor Deliu, this party went through internal purification. Tudor Deliu managed to build a nice political project that does not yet automatically attract voters, even if Tudor Deliu, not without reasons, is a candidate with dignity, who has stuck to his principles. “He fought for the country’s integrity with a gun in his hands, but the party is now rather in a period of transition as the return of Vlad Filat to the party’s administration caused stagnation. The PLDM was in a process of purification. In the local elections it gained a rather good score and that natural orientation of the PLDM to the unionist voters was seen. But the return of Vlad Filat stopped this process through which the PLDM had gone during the past two years,” stated Ion Tăbârță.

“Vlad Filat’s ambitions are surely much greater. He is rather active at the local level as he aims to strengthen the party’s local bodies. This moment is probably intermediary for the PLDM and a platform for recovery. We will see if these efforts are successful. Accidentally or not, Vlad Filat’s ex-lawyer appeared in the public sphere with starling disclosures and somehow stopped the initiated process of rebuilding the PLDM.”

According to the political commentator, everyone realizes that Tudor Deliu is rather a president of honor of this party than a real candidate who can draw the party up. The participation in the upcoming elections is a rehearsal for the eventual snap parliamentary elections, especially because Tudor Deliu is a candidate who cannot be reproached for anything as he was among the few who resisted the rule of Vlad Plahotniuc, the attacks and kept that uprightness that the PDM was to regain and he is a person who deserves to be at the forefront.

“WatchDog.MD” expert Valeriu Pașa confirmed that Tudor Deliu has the most honest set of messages and promises. He fully sticks to the provisions of the Constitution and tries to keep his promises in this zone. Furthermore, his general message is aimed at rehabilitating the PLDM as a potential political force of the center-right. He tries not to attack his opponents from the right even if he can level some criticism indirectly, in particular at Maia Sandu, but less than expected.

He tries to keep that behavioral line that he permanently followed in his political career: maximum decency. He avoids dirty attacks and excessive aggressiveness, understanding that he does not have many chances to get a lot, but wants to keep room for cooperation with the potential partners. This is typical rather of him as his party mates, in their public appearances, are much more vehement in relation to the competitors from the right, especially Maia Sandu.

Media expert Aneta Gonța noted that Tudor Deliu’s presence in the media is not necessarily massive, but is yet constant and visible. The candidate, as the monitoring showed, most frequently appears in a neutral context among the candidates on TV channels and in online publications, his campaign activities being presented as “clean”, through his messages and statements.

Tudor Deliu has a delicate and civilized media behavior that focuses primarily on the conveyance of genuine messages to voters, in line with the constitutional duties of the President of the Republic of Moldova. This way, the candidate probably aims to rebuild the PLDM’s positive image,” stated Aneta Gonța.

The expert also said that Tudor Deliu does not become involved in the battle of harsh replies through the mass media and focuses on own messages through which he wants to build a good image, at least among a particular section of the population.


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