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IPN Flow Synopsis for November 12, 2019

Sandu Government, voted down

The Cabinet of Ministers led by Prime Minister Maia Sandu has been dissolved. The censure motion submitted by the Socialist Party group was voted by 63 deputies of the PSRM and the Democratic Party. Sandu Government supporters chanted in front of the Parliament building.

Democracy at the service of politics

"You decided to get rid of us after we brought money into the country, we opened the door for Moldova to European capitals, we started to change the country. You decided to get rid of us when we stopped public money embezzlement. Worst of all, you decided to get rid of us when we started to improve people's lives and to distribute budget funds in order to help the needy, to increase social assistance and to increase people's salaries", Maia Sandu said in the Parliament.

Thorbjorn Jagland also thought so, even since 2015

Both parties of the coalition PSRM and ACUM bloc have failed. This is the opinion of former MP, Stela Juantan. According to her, the two political groups had to act from the start based on the captured state declaration, which they adopted in the first days when the ruling coalition was formed.

The King is dead. Long live the king?

Most probably, in a month or before the new year, at most, a new PSRM and PDM backed government will be appointed, believes political commentator Ion Tăbârță. The head of state's opinion is that PSRM and ACUM must appoint a new prime minister, by identifying a good candidate that he can put forward in the coming days. If ACUM Bloc MPs do not accept the dialogue, Igor Dodon says he will propose a prime minister from outside the political world, while political scientist Victor Stepaniuc maintains that PDM in no way should be brought back to governance. "This party must remain in opposition, cleanse themselves of their sins, answer for crimes committed in the past."

But their fruit will be picked by others

Two hours before its dismissal, the Government has approved the commencement of negotiations and the signing of an agreement with the Ukrainian executive that will allow Moldovan citizens to travel to Ukraine based on the passport and identity card. Moreover, Maia Sandu Government proposed for ratification three financing agreements signed with the International Development Association (IDA, which is part of the World Bank group) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), meant to contribute to the modernization of the energy system in Moldova.

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