About rulers staying stiff in broken doors, strengthening of Moldova’s statehood in Comrat and Chicu gladdened by IMF

IPN flow synopsis for March 02, 2020

Nistru war? With whom?

The veterans protested in the Great National Assembly Square, being dissatisfied with the authorities’ attitude to them. They seek the resignation of the Government and of President Igor Dodon. The police formed a cordon around the Government Building, hampering the protesters’ access to this. Even so, one of the protesters broke a glass window with a mace. The police started a criminal case. In a protest held in the central square of Chisinau on March 1, the people also demanded that the Government should resign and that snap parliamentary elections should be held.

We, our children and grandchildren deserve a better life today and tomorrow,” runs a common message of Moldova’s President, Parliament Speaker and Prime Minister issued on the occasion of March 2, when it is celebrate the Commemoration Day. As to the protest, the Premier said: “We were all saddened by the hysterical event staged by hidden political forces by manipulating a group of protesters and by inciting hatred and violence on his hoy day for the country”.

“For People, Nature and Animals”: Gagauz facet

The Constitutional Court (CC) passed a judgment that gives the go-ahead for the appearance of regional parties in the Republic of Moldova. Such a possibility could be used by the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia, where this subject has been discussed for decades. What matters is the society’s interest in the given activity, the maturity of the financial and local political elites, their capacity to lobby for the interests of local communities at national level. Currently, there are no large public movements in Gagauz-Yeri or in the rest of Moldova, except for Chisinau, which could become regional parties able to fulfill their duties better than the national parties, writes Veaceslav Craciun from Comrat.

Erosion of soil, existence, future...

The officials who managed the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development since 2014 until present didn’t take measures that could be assessed according to performance indicators regarding enhancement of soil fertility, said the acting director of the Institute of Pedology, Agro-chemistry and Soil Protection “N. Dimo” Iurie Moșoi, who noted that regression in the management of soil resources has been witnessed during the past few years. According to him, it is hard to identify real soil improvements that would stop soil erosion, would increase fertility and, respectively, would conserve soil resources.

He feared IMF would bite

Prime Minister Ion Chicu said that all the laws stipulated in the new memorandum with the IMF were passed. “The Republic of Moldova fulfilled the so-called preventive measures agreed in the negotiations with the IMF mission that visited the Republic of Moldova almost a month ago. All the conditions were met. You see that there is no condition concerning the rise in taxes, salary cuts or other actions that would run counter to Moldova’s interests,” stated the official.

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