About minibus trips by cart, price of bonapartism at Europigmies and 70m lei from jar with scorpions

IPN flow synopsis for February 24, 2020

Not even a “hello”

The delimitation of European integration by its geopolitical identity is part of a meticulous political experiment, carried out by the pro-Russian forces in Moldova. They prioritize the technical and financial character of European integration, says political researcher Dionis Cenușa. As, President Igor Dodon favors European integration for technical reasons, rather than the geopolitical ones. This would mean approximation to European standards, but preferably with the European money and with no subsequent EU accession, noted the expert.

“No, no and once again no!” seems to have been said already...

If the protests continue and the minibuses do not run, the Chisinau City Hall will start to amend the timetables of municipal schools, kindergartens and institutions so as to ease the flow of passengers during rush hour. Mayor Ion Ceban requested to analyze today the possibility of terminating contracts with these operators and to notify the law enforcement agencies of the activity carried out by these operators.  The minibuses should no longer run on routes in Chisinau, but they cannot be removed immediately. Prime Minister Ion Chicu said that when more buses and trolleybuses are purchased, the minibuses, which are an outdated means of transport, will disappear from the streets of the capital city.

The chairman of the Board of the Employers Association of Motor Transport Operators Oleg Alexa stated that the carriers will continue to demand that their rights should be respected.

Convict-fugitive also wants justice!

Iulian Bălan, the lawyer for Ilan Shor, expressed his regret at the fact that persons holding high-ranking posts do justice from the TV screen or through social networking sites. He criticized Justice Minister Fadei Nagachevski’s comment, describing it as gross interference in justice. “We are witnesses to serious weakening of the independence of justice and to improper influence on the case of my client Ilan Shor,” he stated.

Comfort is over...?

Prime Minister Ion Chicu shares experts’ concerns that the reduction of the budget intended for the justice sector by 70 million lei (so as to pay damages under an ECHR judgment) will affect the quality of justice. But, “I do not intend to accept the situation when the country pays for the illegal verdicts of some of the judges and the SCM does nothing and says that it should be independent. I’m for independence, but no one annulled the responsibility,” stated Ion Chicu.

God save the Romanians

Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection Viorica Dumbrăveanu said that almost 500 tests for detecting the novel coronavirus and nearly 200 tests for confirming the result were received from Germany through the WHO on February 18. The public health facilities have been supplied with vital, essential and nonessential medicines in proportion of 97%.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration recommended the Moldovans in Italy to refrain from trips and from attending public places.

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