About land of Stephan’s followers , incurable paralysis of captured justice sector and “technocratic” report on 100 days

IPN flow synopsis for February 21, 2020

Art to “reform” without changing anything

Ion Chicu voiced hope that with the restoration of functionality, the Superior Council of Magistracy and also the prosecution service will be able to play an important role in fighting corruption among judges. According to him, in particular, the state bodies will focus on the judges because of whom Moldova already pays hundreds of millions of lei under ECHR judgments. He said the justice sector can be cured not necessarily by a reform.

They already started to be afraid

Minister of Justice Fadei Nagachevski said the Cahul City Appeals Court that is trying the case of Ilan Shor decided for the fifth time to put off the examination of the case and this is ridiculous already. He intends to warn the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) about the judges who deal with the case of the leader of the Shor Party Ilan Shor and the Superior Council of Prosecutors (SCP) about the prosecutors who represent the state in this case.

Protests before coming of spring

Valentin Eșanu, who runs a metal business, said the state continues to be captive. “All the schemes of Plahotniuc are implemented by the Party of Socialists now,” he said. He invited the people to a protest that will be mounted in the center of Chisinau on March 1 to seek the dismissal of the Government and holding of snap parliamentary elections. (The protest cannot be mounted in the central square of Chisinau as the Party of Socialists reserved the square for each Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 2025).

No animal was hurt!

The MPs of the Party “Action and Solidarity” and the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” blocked the Parliament’s rostrum in protest at the ignoring of the motion against the activity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and at the fact that Minister Aureliu Ciocoi didn’t present himself at the Parliament sitting. Prime Minister Ion Chicu, who came to Parliament to present the report on 100 days of work, could not talk to the MPs.

Stephan’s followers don’t really know what to do with the land

Chairman of the National Farmers Federation of Moldova Valeriu Cosarciuc called on the authorities to return to the soil protection measures specified in the first regulations concerning subsidization that were approved in 2008. He said efforts should be made to substitute imports with local products and noted that the farmers plead for modifying the subsidization conditions.

Attending the meeting, Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment Ion Perju expressed his regret at the fact that Moldova turned into a country that exports agricultural raw material instead of exporting finished products.

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