About governor in remand detention, minister of judge clans and modern inquisition stake at Academy of Sciences

IPN flow synopsis for March 06, 2020

Radiography of justice from incumbent justice minister: clans

“The judicial system is used to having a master and looks for one when this is absent. The judges are not interested in who the master is. They just want to have a master. They do not want to work independently. We always give signals to them: work in strict compliance with the law. They don’t hear. They try to cause particular confrontations with the political system,” stated Fadei Nagachevski.

Mankurts do not need history, culture, nation

The employees of the Institute of History decided to initiate a series of protest in connection with the dissolution of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova as a center for the organization and coordination of research in the country. “The central authorities (Government, Presidential Office, current parliamentary majority) attracted groups of experts with doubtful academic training who deliver false expertise on segments of major importance for the development of society and the state.” The Institute’s employees demand to abrogate the so-called reform in science and innovation initiated in 2017.

“We are ready to pay for research in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and many other areas! We do not waste state funds on pseudo-researchers enrolled in political projects,” stated Prime Minister Ion Chicu.

Schemes again?

Parliament adopted the bill to redirect the National Bank’s profit in two readings by 52 votes in favor. “
The bill does not bring the stolen US$ 1 billion back, as you promised in the campaign. The money will remain unrecovered, will continue to be in offshore areas and those who facilitated the theft or who obstructed the investigation for years will remain unpunished,” stated MP Dumitru Alaiba.

According to MP Alexandru Slusari, by this law, the mechanism for covering the losses of the National Bank is being changed. The citizens face the risk of paying the losses of the National Bank, through the state budget, if the statutory capital of the NBM decreases under 4%. “By this amendment, we also ease the burden on the National Bank,” he stated.

It is important to believe and it will pass

No legal action
will be taken over the alleged illegal financing of the Party of Socialists because the deed does not have constitutive elements of an offense,” the Prosecutor General’s Office said. The refusal to take legal action was based on the results of the investigations conducted by the Service for the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering, which didn’t identify suspect financial transactions.

List of honest persons is long

The former governor of the National Bank of Moldova Dorin Drăguțanu didn’t accept blame. Nevertheless, the prospectors’ request was accepted fully. He was placed in remand detention for 30 days.

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