About falsest thing in Moldova, awakening of Moldovans to coronavirus and keeping of heat bills high

IPN flow synopsis for March 10, 2020

COVID-19 increases its presence in current realities

The schools and kindergartens are closed as of March 11 until the end of next week. The National Focal Point announced that the holding of social, cultural, sports and other types of events is banned. Consequently, the Shor Party decided to suspend the protest started at the Chisinau City Appeals. Romania suspended road traffic to and from Italy.

The airlines in the period between March 11 and end-March are obliged not to allow persons of other nationalities than the Moldovan one, except for stateless persons and foreigners with the residence in Moldova, to go on board in Italy, Iran, China and South Korea. The Press Council warned that the journalists are obliged to protect the persons in negative situations about whom they relate, in particular when it is about victims, discrimination or other risks. Analysts, activists, experts and MPs of the opposition parties say the high-ranking officials try to gain political benefits from the epidemiological developments in the country.

NGOs and public interest

“The first step that the Republic of Moldova should take is to build a solid civil society and to provide support to NGOs. In Lithuania, the nongovernmental organizations are those that fight the propaganda. The NGOs monitor the propaganda. It is the role of civil society,” stated the Ambassador of Lithuania Kestutis Kudzmanas.

Heat bills to NAER’s taste

The Administration Board of the National Agency for Energy Regulation (NAER) approved a 27% reduction in the charge for electricity produced by “Termoelectrica” SA to 116 bani/kWh (without VAT). It also maintained the tariff of 1,122 lei/Gcal (without VAT) for the heat supplied to consumers.

Real face of political mask

“There is nothing falser in the Republic of Moldova and in our society than the official façade presentations of the political parties, especially of the two parties – the PDM and PSRM. There are no ideological differences between the people who ruled during the past two decades – their way of being, way of thinking, reacting and defending their personal, financial, criminal and illegal interests – and this is evident,” stated expert Ștefan Gligor, referring to the negotiations on the formation of an alliance held by the PSRM and PDM.

New decline in fuel prices

The price of a liter of gasoline classed 95 ranges between 17.42 lei and 17.55 lei, as opposed to 18.42-18.55 lei a day ago. The diesel fuel is now sold for 15.32 – 15.50 lei/liter, in contrast to 16.22-16.40 lei. The liquefied petroleum gas costs 10.15 to 10.25 lei a litter, as against 10.45-10.55 lei earlier.

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